Ultimate Guide for all Bachelors to find Suitable Flats for Rent in Delhi

Apart from being the capital city of India, Delhi is also one of the most populated cities in the world and an epicenter of trade and commerce. So naturally, the city sees many people migrating from the rural and urban corners of the country in the hope of a bright future. Moving away from your hometown is never easy, but it is particularly harder if you are a single bachelor. One of the biggest challenges faced by bachelors today is to find good accommodation, whether it is a single room or a 2 bhk flat in Delhi. As a bachelor myself, I think this is the right time to blog about the best guide for all bachelors to find flats on rent in Delhi.

1. Decide the Locality or Area in Delhi

In a metropolitan and big city such as Delhi, it is vital that you carefully choose the locality that you wish to live in. Naturally, traffic during the peak school or work hours is a factor that everyone considers while searching for the best Flats in Delhi. If you are a student, it will be better to stay near the college or Delhi University’s North or South campus. Similarly, young professionals should look for Ready to move 2 bhk flat in Delhi closer to their offices.

2. Don’t ignore your Financial Status

One of the things that people cannot get right is deciding the budget to rent 2 bhk flats in Delhi. The rental price for flats in the city fluctuates and depends on how well-situated the locality is. Most bachelors ignore the budget, thinking they will manage it later, but this is one of the basic mistakes that everyone should avoid. Always decide the budget before house-hunting and consider the overall cost of living in Delhi.

3. Furnished or Unfurnished?

This is the ultimate crossroad that every bachelor has to go through when searching for a single room or 2 bhk flat in Delhi. The options have their pros and cons; the final decision should depend upon different factors such as the cost of flat rent, the investment needed to buy new furniture, etc. Furnished 2 bhk flats in Delhi are available for Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 25000, on the other hand, unfurnished flats may come under Rs. 15000. Delhi Flat rent price can fluctuate a little, but most residential places near schools, colleges, and business centers will have higher rent.

4. Rent Agreement is Mandatory

When you are a bachelor, you tend to save as much money as you can to party and visit fancy restaurants in Delhi. Many people avoid rent agreement thinking the Rs. 1000 spent on it is unnecessary, but the agreement is just as important as knowing the Prices of 2 bhk flat in Delhi. Without a legal agreement, there is always a risk that the flat owner can evict you without notice. It is thus an important tip that I wanted to give to all bachelors about to shift into a ready to move 2 bhk flat in Delhi.

Every bachelor reading this should keep the points mentioned in this blog. Once you get the basics right, you will not find the entire process of finding the best 2 bhk flats in Delhi tough and time consuming.