Top 3 Memorable Destinations in Nigeria

Top 3 Memorable Destinations in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the highly populated countries in West Africa borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Nigeria is highly blessed with fairly stable weather conditions as well as lands for agricultural purpose and investment opportunities. Recently, there had been influx of Expats from different parts of the world primarily for economic and industrial reasons. Majority of Expats in Nigeria resides in Free Trade zones across the country which normally feature both residential and commercial properties. Moving to Nigeria is a great decision that needs careful analysis as well as enough information to make your stay in the country a memorable one. Below are the explanation of 3 most popular cities in the country.


Lagos is not the largest in Nigeria but remains first choice for many individuals due to factors such as the cost of living, serenity, economic potentials and many others. Property for sale in Lagos are affordable with the level of development compared to other cities in the country and as such contributes immensely to the cost of survival as well. However, Lagos is said to be the most populated city in Africa followed by and characterized by individuals from different parts of the country as well other parts of the world. Lagos houses some of the important and reputable investments in Nigeria in terms of Banks, Industrial enterprises, Entertainment industry and real estate investments. Moving Lagos puts you in the forefront of an interesting experience in Nigeria. Lagos state was once the capital city of Nigeria until 1991 and ever since house some of the international embassies, organizations head office. Majority of Expats in Nigeria resides in Lagos, especially in places like Victoria island, Lekki, Ikoyi and some parts of Ikeja due to the high level of serenity in this places and constant supply of electricity, good road networks and security.

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt since the first oil shipment of 1958 had remained Nigeria’s hottest spot for Oil production and doubled as the spot for oil collection and distribution in Nigeria as it houses majority of Nigeria’s refineries. Port harcourt being the largest city in rivers state can be considered an option when relocating to Nigeria. port harcourt is the Nigerian state with the highest numbers of government owned higher institute of learning with over five tertiary institutions. Port harcourt international airport is one of the most popular airports in Nigeria and has a large number of multinational firms, industries making it a desirable destination hoping to engage in business activities while in Nigeria.


Abuja was made the federal capital territory of Nigeria in December 1991, located in the center of the country with A so rock which is a 400 meter monolith. Major government parastatals and ministries have their head office in Abuja such as the presidential complex, National Assembly, Supreme court and many others. Abuja is a pre-planned city that was built in the 1980s and can be considered a leisure destination for expat coming to Nigeria this is because there are less number of business firms in Abuja compared to Lagos that has a mixture of both residential and commercial properties. Property in Abuja are relatively are relatively affordable and also features large numbers of high profile hotels, relaxation centers giving expatriates the opportunities to make it their home abroad.

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