12 Best Cities across USA, UK and Australia for Job Aspirants

If you thought that college and university was the hardest part of your life, then you, my friend, are in for a surprise. Did you ask why? Well, now that you are done with your higher studies, you will have to come out from the sanctity of your hostel corridors. You will have to get out in the real world and make a mark for yourself. If you are an amateur job seeker, then you must know that finding a job that justifies your worth can be quite a task. You must see the annual pay package, the perks offered and what you are going to learn from it. Are you on a hunt for a job and thinking of moving into a new city for better job prospects? Then here is a list of the best cities all over the world and why should you choose them which you can also submit as sample college essays.


The USA is a global power and contributes as a massive job generator. According to a report from the Labor Department, the US has created some 157,000 job openings in May, June and July. As a result, the unemployment rate has gone down to an impressive 3.9% from a previously recorded 4%. If you are a rookie, then the States should be your first priority.

Seattle, Washington – Like the national rate, Seattle claims an unemployment rate of 3.9% and has therefore made it to the list of 10-best-cities-for-job-seekers by the CNBC. If you are a student of biotechnology or have studied health care, then Seattle is the right place for you. And if you are not, then you need not worry. Big names like Amazon, Microsoft and Zillow, are associated with it too, and you can drop in your CV if you are interested. The average salary in Seattle is as higher as $ 61,170 and has a salary ranking of 18. However, we must warn you about the high cost of living in this metro city.

Boston, Massachusetts – To start with, Boston boasts of an employment rate of 3.5% that is 0.4% lower than the national rate. Being quite a scenic location with greenery and the sea, tourism and hospitality happen to be the vital industries in here. Not to forget, the city also is home to the famed Harvard University. With some of the most renowned medical centers like Massachusetts General Hospital to its name, health care is an influential employer too. If you have studied medicine, then Boston can be a good option for you. The annual average salary is $64,080 as compared to the national figure of $49,630.

San Francisco, California – The most attractive thing about this metro city is the higher wages than most metropolitans around the world. San Francisco teems with a diverse range of job opportunities. From tourism to biotechnology to healthcare, you will have several doors open for you. Boasting of 30 financial institutions, business and finance happen to be a top sector for the city. If you are a business student, this might be your haven. And what is more? The city has a remarkable unemployment rate that is as low as 3.3% and pays a handsome annual salary too. No wonder why the city has been ranked as the 2nd position by the CNBC for the year 2018.

New York City, NY – If you like a fast-paced life that is ever welcoming to newcomers, make it a point to hunt for a job in the “city that never sleeps”. Brimming with all sorts of career opportunities, NYC happens to be an artist’s paradise. If you are artistically inclined and thinking of creating your own niche, then this is the place for you. The leading influencer in theatre and fashion trends, this is your place if you want to make it big in the world of Showbiz. Home to magnates like Pfizer, PepsiCo, and Morgan Stanley and Citigroup – the city has a brilliantly strong economy and is known for an average income that is noticeably higher than the national average.


According to a report from the National Statistics, the unemployment rate of the UK declined with the number of jobs openings reaching a record high between March and May this year. Let us have a look at the best cities in the UK that job aspirant like you should consider.

Edinburgh, Scotland – Edinburgh is considered one of the strongest economies. It boasts the second highest annual average salary in the UK at £24,628. When compared to the national unemployment rate of 4.4%, the city follows the rate with its own unemployment rate of 6.7 per cent. Edinburgh owes mainly to the public sector for job opportunities with health and social work being the top industries. The city also flourishes with sectors like wholesale/retail and finance. If you are a science student, the Scottish capital can be your sanctum too.

Glasgow – Known as the thriving creative industry, Glasgow is as diverse as it gets. From architecture to film, from fashion to cultural heritage – the city has it all. If you want a career in designing or looking forward to being a celebrated journalist, this is where you should be. Home to several visual artists and gamers, Glasgow is the place if you have specialized in digital studies. Also, if you are a student of Finance, then you are in luck. Barclays, the financial/investment magnate, has said that it could create up to 2,500 new job opportunities in the finance sector in Glasgow.


Australia has seen a rise in the employment rate from 62% to 62.10% in June 2018. As a result, the country has recorded an unemployment rate of 5.3% globally as it, therefore, a hub for job aspirants.

Sydney – The city brags of an economy bigger than cities like Hong Kong or Singapore. Producing more than $306 billion of goods and services annually, the employment prospects in Sydney are quite good for novices as well as experienced workers. The major industries in the city are financial and professional services, manufacturing, and communications technology. Taking into account the beauty of the city, tourism also happens to be a significant sector for career opportunities.

Melbourne, Victoria – Melbourne is home to some of the biggest brands. Moreover, it is quite welcoming when it comes to immigrants. So, if you are planning to move to Melbourne, then you will be open to a lot of job prospects. The primary industries in Melbourne include the automotive industry, aviation, building and construction, education, engineering, nursing, financial services, and information and communications technology. Most employees earn an average annual salary of AU$60,931. There is a lot of scope for Graphic Designers to who draw a starting salary as high as AU$50,534 annually also you can make AU$ 30,000 easily from essay writing service.

Asia – Although considered a developing continent, Asia has a strong economy, thanks to its diversity. If you are looking forward to settling in a city in the Asian continent, then let us give you an insight into the best cities where you can trust the job market.

Dubai – According to the Labour Force Survey of the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), it has been revealed that Dubai has a fantastic unemployment rate of 0.5 per cent as compared to the global average rate. An oil-rich country, Dubai boasts of an economy that is robust and is experiencing continuous growth over the recent years.Dubai is an industry based city, and the major industries include aluminium, boat building and ship repair, construction, fishing and petroleum and petrochemicals. The city has a spectacular infrastructure and is acclaimed for the beautiful Burj Khalifa. This makes the city a tourist attracted spot thus making hospitality and tourism major employment sectors too.

Tokyo – The unemployment rate in Japan has been recorded at a low 2.4 per cent in June of 2018 and is, therefore, a haven for job aspirants. What comes to your mind when we say Japan? The word Anime, right? If you are an anime enthusiast who is pursuing graphics and virtual designing, then Tokyo is where you would want to be. When it comes to the manufacturing sector, Tokyo happens to be Japan’s leading industrial centre. As a result, the economy of the city is highly developed. Home to industries like Chiba, Kawasaki, and Yokohama, Tokyo is a harbour for the production of electronic equipment.

So what are you waiting for? The best cities in the world are waiting for you with open arms and brilliant job openings. Draw up your resume and get going. Good luck!