What is the Procedure for Educational Certificate Attestation?

Certificate attestation is authentication process which confirms the identity of a person for various needs. Attestation is a confirmation which states that a document is attested with a process of legalized official confirmation with a signature, seal on documents. Certificate Attestation Service in India is currently offering the most of the states where from you can attest your documents based on your needs? If we talk about educational certificate attestation then, in India nowadays every youth is going abroad for higher studies and making their career cope with international standards. The necessary things to be done before visiting in other countries is to get your document attested from respective countries you are living. In India to get attested your various documents attestation it has two types of certificates procedure department:

  • Human Resource Development
  • Ministry of External Affairs

There are many youth students today who wants white and blue collar job and some want to do higher studies from foreign and want to do the job in their home country. The education and standard of living are increasing each and every day, and thus every noble people want their child to study abroad for more exploration in any academic profile and courses. For all these dream and plan you need to have your education documents attested from respective authority. So here are the procedures for educational documents attestation:

All educational certificates have to be attested first form human resource department, usually; HRD certificate attestation is prepared by respective states of applicants. After the HRD Attestation, the required embassy attestation works are carried out. Currently, in India, there is every state has its HRD attestation departments and you need to follow the procedure to verify your documents get attested by those respective states or region HRD authority.

1. First get your degree attested from respective states ministry. For example, if you have completed your degree from New Delhi then you should attest from New Delhi government’s department of higher education. The documents which are required before attestation are:

  • Original and photocopy of your degree documents.
  • Original photocopies of 10th and 12th mark sheets.
  • Pass certificate of all degree you have acquired.
  • You will also get an application form which you need to fill it up and attach your passport size photo.
  • An affidavit certification where it mentions about your personal, professional and educational details along with the passport number and reason for your next degree attested in a stamp paper.
  • Original passport Copy.
  • Attach all your above mention documents in one know with that application form. And make it attested from a gazette officer.

2. After that, your document needs to submit at HRD ministry.

3. Once human resource development authority checks the certificate have to be attested by Ministry of External affairs MEA.

After that, your document is submitted to UAE Embassy Attestation office where they will authenticate the certificate again and allows you to visit UAE for any higher studies.

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