4 Advantages and 4 Disadvantages of renting Furniture

Furniture is an asset which can appeal to people. For the increasing fast paced and dynamic life today, renting furniture can be a good option. It will provide multiple benefits. For students and working professionals who travel frequently, it is a viable alternative. For example, if you are living in Delhi and need a bed, a simple search for bed on rent in Delhi, will give you a lot of options to rent furniture.

The big question that arises before opting for renting furniture is the financial viability or the affordability of the same. Before opting for renting furniture, one should keep all the pros and cons associated with the same. Below mentioned are the pros and cons of renting furniture.

Advantages of renting Furniture

1. Pocket-friendly

For attaining a short term goal, the low rentals would be a better deal. The large pay-outs for the appliances or furniture can cause a dent in your wallet in your pocket. By renting, you can save money which can be used for other purposes. Hence, even as a student, it would be possible to take a bed on rent in Noida, Gurgaon or any part of Delhi without feeling a pinch.

2. Dynamic and Transition is Easy

Upgrading your rented furniture or swapping out a few items to avail a new look of your home anytime is very easy. Anytime you can avail the option of changing one or two furniture sets, so that keeps a changing look. As per season, and the changes as per the availability of people can be availed. For example, in festivals or the unusual visit of any family member can be made comfortable as per requirement and preference.

3. Complimentary Relocation

Some of the rental companies offer a free moving service. It acts as a huge advantage to save money. It enables the user to avail the service with ease. Hiring a mover for relocation can be a tiring process and expensive also.

4. Low Maintenance

Bought furniture acts as a liability since the onus of maintenance and upkeep falls on the consumer. However, when you rent furniture online, more often than not, the assembly and maintenance costs are included or complimentary

Disadvantages of renting Furniture

1. Wary of Damages

The damages which may occur to the rental furniture has to be bear by the provider waive off this damage but it varies. It is solely dependent upon the provider policies. Repairs and replacement in any service providing industry charge with a hefty sum of money. The people often restrict themselves to additional charges.

2. No customization

Customizing the furniture which is in rental period is a big no-no. The service provider generally maintains this clause while providing the rental furniture, which restricts the user to customize according to their desire. Those who want to change or do something as per their need, they will be not able to take advantage of rental services.

3. Cost effectiveness in the long run

Buying furniture is a one-time expense, but the expenses associated with rented one are continuous. It will make to keep a good amount of money for a monthly rent of furniture. The financial budget could increase for the renter regularly.

4. Variety of Options Available

If you want to buy furniture, then you have a massive range, the selection available is wide. Moreover, you can opt for brick and mortar and also online. The brick and mortar stores have numerous varieties and online platforms are next to numerous. Anyone can make their selection based on these options which is vivid. As renting industry is not that big in recent times, but it is growing rapidly.

The pros and cons mentioned above play an important role in choosing whether to buy or rent. This can help you decide which is suitable for your needs.