Low Blood Pressure Causes and home based Simple Treatments

Are you suffering from low blood pressure? In normal condition, our blood pressure as an adult has to be approximately 120/80 mmHg. If the systole is around or less than 90 mmHg and the diastole is around or less than 60 mmHg, then you got hypotension. Some of you might be wondering what can possibly cause such disease. To get to know more about it, here we have discussed about the causes as well as the symptoms and proper treatment for it.

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

There is a number of symptoms which tell us that we are suffering from low blood pressure. Certainly, these symptoms feel irritating to us. They even can affect our daily activities either it is office or home works. Those who are dealing with this illness usually experience the following symptoms.

  • Dizzy
  • Thirsty
  • Nausea
  • Depressed
  • Fatigue
  • Sweaty and feeling cold
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Rapid and short breathing
  • Blurred vision

Do you have most of these symptoms? If you do, then you might want to check yourself on a nearby clinic or hospital.


Similar with the symptoms, there are several factors which can cause this illness. However, different people suffer it from different causes. Without further ado, here are the causes of low blood pressure.

Anemia – Anemia is a condition of which the number of our red blood cell is lower than the average. It can also happen when the cells are lack of hemoglobin. There is no doubt that our blood pressure is lower as well when we have anemia.

Unstable Hormones – Changing hormone can also affect our blood pressure. This condition is usually related to Addison disease. It is a disease which attacks two adrenal glands above kidneys. Those glands are the ones producing hormones which control the blood pressure. When these two got damaged, our hormones will be unstable. Consequently, there is a high chance to get low blood pressure.

Dehydration – Did you drink enough lately? If you did not, you might want to change that habit now. It is because our blood rely on water to supply themselves to all over our body. When there is not enough water, the blood volume will be decreasing which lead us to low blood pressure.

Pregnancy – During pregnancy, some women might realize that a lot of things are going on in their body. One of them is blood circulation that goes too fast than normal. This condition can occur due to, once again, changing hormone. This situation will make blood vessel to be bigger which can lower the blood pressure. It is usually happened at early pregnancy or around second trimester.

Under Drug Medication – Some drugs are able to influence blood pressure. Most people cannot notice it as they are focusing on getting healed from other health issues. Meanwhile, the types of drug which have that effect are like antidepresants, beta and alpha blockers.

Simple Treatments

We have learned the symptoms and causes of low blood pressure. Now let’s learn how to treat or even prevent it. Regular checkup is one of the best treatments to handle this disease. But, there are some more of them which you can do at your home.

Consume Honey – We have mentioned before that we will get dizzy during this health condition. Do not use drug to take care of it. Instead, you can use honey. It is natural and certainly fine to consume. Just take two tablespoon of it and mix it with water and salt.

Drink Enough Water – Previously, we also said how dehydration can cause low blood pressure too. That’s why you must start drinking enough water every day. At least, drink 8 glasses of water per day or whenever you are thirsty.

Drink Two Cups of Coffee – Do you like drinking coffee in the morning? Then you can keep it up. There have been a study which proves that coffee can help us in treating low blood pressure. If you have this disease, you may take two cups per day. It can take care of your dizziness too due to the illness.

Do Not Stand or Sit When You Just Wake Up – When you woke up in the morning, do not stand up right away. You will get dizzy or even lose your consciousness. Thus, when you just woke up, do not stand or sit immediately. Just open your eyes and lay on the bed for a while. Do not forget to take a deep breath as well. When you have earned your full consciousness, you may get up but do it slowly.

Sleep Well – Speaking of waking up, it is important for you too to get enough sleep. It is not good for people who have this disease to be lack of sleep. As we know, sleeping can help us to regain our energy to do some activities on the next day. If we do not sleep properly, we can easily get tired even when we only do a few things.

Working Out Regularly – Working out is always the best way to stay healthy. If you do it regularly, there are some illnesses you can avoid from. That includes low blood pressure.

Monitor Your Blood Pressure – Even if you do not have this condition, it is still recommended to monitor your blood pressure routinely. You can do it by using blood pressure gauge which you can buy in the market. This will be a great preventing measure from critical health issues.

After reading this, some people might underestimate low blood pressure. Truth to be told, this disease can be as dangerous as high blood pressure. For example, you might suddenly lose your consciousness in public, and who know what accident you might get from that. Thus, once you know you have this problem, you better take care of it soon.