Wonderful Health Benefits of Bananas (Musa Acuminata)

Wonderful Health Benefits of Bananas (Musa Acuminata)

We are all familiar with bananas. It is one of the first foods that firstly introduced to babies and we continue to eat the fruit quite regularly for the rest of our lives. We eat bananas in multiple ways such as blend it to smoothies, add it to bread, or simply eat it straight from the peel. However, we seem to overlook the health benefits of banana since other trendy super foods such as coconut oil, kale, chia seed, and quinoa have all the spotlights.

The truth is banana also has enormous health benefits which are enough to entitle it as a super food. Speaking of health benefits of bananas we are only familiar that it is naturally rich in potassium. Below are some of the wonderful health benefits of bananas which will make you never look at it in the same way.

Better digestion

Most of us do not get enough fiber in everyday diets. In fact, fiber is crucial to keep the smooth food travel in the digestive system and improve bowel movements. Bananas are naturally high in fiber and adding the fruit to diet gives you better digestion. The fruit keeps constipation at bay and allows you to have regular wasting. Taking the fruit is way better than taking a laxative supplement to cure constipation. In addition, bananas are also rich in fructooligosaccharides which are a prebiotic with an important task to keep the ‘good bacteria alive in the digestive system and gives better gastrointestinal health. The good bacteria are important for better nutrients absorption. Speaking of better digestion, the high fiber in bananas also promotes bowel movements. Taking 3 grams of insoluble fiber from bananas will make sure waste better and smoother stools disposal.

Increase energy

There are reasons why bananas are the most favorite fruit among athletes. Professional athletes mostly eat only bananas before and during the sports rather than taking energy bars, sports drink, or electrolyte. The natural sugar in bananas combines with soluble fiber gives a stable and slow energy release when eaten before a workout. In addition, bananas are also rich in glucose which is the most digestible sugar type to provide optimal energy for working out.

Provide vitamin B6

Besides naturally rich in potassium, banana is also rich in vitamin B6 which is crucial for hemoglobin creation for healthy blood. Vitamin B6 is also important in balance blood sugar to maintain, break down and synthesize amino acids, and produce stronger antibodies for a better immune response. Surprisingly, one banana is enough to full fill the body’s daily needs of vitamin B6. Plus, it definitely tastes better than vitamin or supplement pills.

Mood booster and keep you happy

Bananas do not only resemble smiles; they actually promote the happy mood thanks to the vitamin B9 or folate. Vitamin B9 is beneficial in fight depression and reduces stress level as it boosting the antidepressant properties. In addition, bananas are also a natural source of tryptophan amino acids which will be converted to serotonin in the body. Proper serotonin levels promote mood improvement, reduce stress, and also enhance the general happiness levels. Tryptophan amino acids can be obtained through the diet, and yes, bananas are the naturally rich source of it. This amino acid also triggers better sleep as it also promotes relaxation effects. Peel one after a long day at work and another one before bed.

Hangover cure

When you have a little blast the night before, one banana in the morning is great for a better feeling. You can blend a couple of bananas, berries, coconut milk, and ice for a delicious hangover drink. If you do not want to add ice cubes, you can just freeze some banana slices and add them to the blender. Even though banana is great for a hangover cure, it is still wise not to over drink for your health.

Fights anemia

Other health benefits of bananas are it fights anemia thanks to the high amount of iron. Iron is crucial to stimulate the hemoglobin production in the blood and treat anemia. Anemia is a condition due to red blood cell or hemoglobin deficiency. The condition leads to paleness, fatigue, and also shortness of breath. In addition, lack of iron inhibits weight loss process because the body is in safe energy mode and slows down the metabolism.

Keep you full and less craving

Before ripe, banana is rich is resistant starch which is as the name suggest, it actually resists the digestion. The resistant starch feeds the good bacteria and suppresses the appetite which results in the fast oxidation process. In addition, eating a banana in between main meal will keep craving at bay. You will feel full longer and no more sneaking on the snack drawer.

Fast fat burner

When you are in process of losing some weight, choose bananas to help fast fat burner. Bananas contain 12 mg of choline which is a fat burning B vitamin. This vitamin works directly into the genes which make fat storage in the stomach. Choline deficiency for heavy drinkers leads to bloated bellies that cause weight gain, especially around liver area. The substance also can be found in seafood, lean meats, and collard greens as well but bananas are the one which you can directly eat.

Vision improvement

Bananas are naturally rich in vitamin C and A which both are beneficial for skin and eye health. In addition, it also contains high beta-carotene, an antioxidant which promotes protection and repair for the cells. Bananas also contain other vitamins such as lutein and vitamin E in which both are amazing for vision improvement. Lutein is a nutrient which believed to reduce the macular degeneration risk.

Improve skin conditions

You may think that only the banana is good for overall health, however, banana peel also works like magic for acne and psoriasis treatment. You just need to rub the inside of banana peel over the affected area and let the skin absorbed the residue. Banana skin contains fatty acids which great for skin conditions treatment and gives deep moisturizing effect. Besides psoriasis and acne, banana peels also great for traditional treatments for warts. There are quite lots of online testimonials reveal the good effects of simple treatments using banana peels.

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