Invest in the Handy and Convenient Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

Whenever you think about getting your blood pressure monitored, your mind always goes to the bulky upper arm cuff used at your doctor’s clinic. Whether you wish to monitor your fluctuating blood pressure due to hypertension, pregnancy, for no reason, it is good to have a cuff blood pressure monitor at home. The cuff blood pressure monitors have made it more accessible and convenient to check your blood pressure reading without any hassle.

How Accurate is a cuff Blood Pressure monitor?

Individuals exploring the variety of at-home blood pressure monitors get confused while wondering how accurate blood pressure monitors can be. Wrist blood pressure monitors are preferred for a variety of reasons, And they are just as accurate as the ones used by the doctor.

How to use the cuff Blood Pressure monitor?

It is essential to know a proper technique before starting to use the cuff blood pressure monitor. The way you monitor your blood pressure is as important as the tool itself. Follow the below-mentioned rules while using a cuff blood pressure monitor to be precise with your blood pressure readings.

Consistency – To monitor and compare the blood pressure of each day, it is essential that you do it at the same time of the day with the same amount of food you have eaten the previous day. For example, if you haven’t had the coffee the first day, when you check your blood pressure, make sure to not have coffee the next day at the same time before checking it. Coffee or other consumables have the tendency to fluctuate your blood pressure; hence it is advised to be in the same state and condition each day while checking your blood pressure.

Stay Still – As a habit, make sure to avoid exercising, having caffeinated food products, consuming alcohol, or smoking before monitoring your blood pressure. This is because these products are known to fluctuate your blood pressure drastically, and you may get incomparable readings.

Rest your Arm – While wearing the cuff blood pressure monitor, it is essential to rest your arm or elbow on the table and hold your rest out at the level of your heart for accurate readings.

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