How to impress Husband?

How to impress Husband?

A healthy and happy family brings more happiness than the Heaven. In the matter of family Woman is a key player. Without woman family is a dream. In Every shape, Woman is Creative. She is a mother who bring us to earth, She is a Sister who play around us, She is a Wife to Love and Care. Finally, she is a flower to the beauty of Earth. In normal living every woman creates her family. To keep your family happy first you need to be a good and husband loving woman. In this session let us discuss few helpful tips about how to impress your husband. In my view every women should know how to impress husband.

First things about how to impress Husband

Think you are the doll made to keep your husband happy. This is your primary duty. A woman is having more attractive power then a man. Refer to VEDA & PURANs a woman is 7 RATI when a man is 5 RATI. This power in women helps to keep bind a successful family. Today many couple quarrels appears in this world but I can say if a women really wants to shutdown the quarrel, a man can’t over take her. In this beautiful earth women is the symbol of love. As a responsible women if you can able to motivate your husband then no one can think to break your family.

Maintain Your Beauty

Beauty attracts eyes. Don’t ignore you-self in the rush of family. How busy you are share some time for you. Care your-self. Consume better diet. Take sufficient rest. Do few yoga’s & exercises. Stay healthy. In a day when you are more nearer to your husband prepare your-self beautiful & attractive. Wear quality dress to Impress him. Maintain Sexy behavior. On bed time use Fragrance which your Hobby like.

Ask him his Opinions

A life partner is a partner for every events in life. Let’s for the case while you both are purchasing a saree for you. Ask your husband choice. Give priority to his choice. This like activities effects a man thinking towards love & care. Opinions are always there. From your bed time to makeup desk ask your husband opinions.

Avoid Boy Friends

How many boy friends you have before marriage its OK. But once you are married try to avoid boy friends in your life. In many case after married life for a woman boy friends are act like slow poison. Some time boy friends are the cause to couple quarrels. If still you like to keep a boy friend with your married life introduce him to your husband. Take your husband permission before to meet your boy friend for some valid reason. Stay clean in the matter of your Character & Behaviors. A Real Man always honors A good character Woman. To impress husband make sure first he need to feel, you are for her only.

Avoid spending too much

Depending upon your status do Shopping. Don’t overload the family expenses. In financial matters try to keep your husband tension free. Many women are fan to shopping. During shopping they forget their label of earning. In long days heavy shopping generates financial headache in middle class families. Plan your family expenses. Avoid unnecessary expenses.

Share quality time with your Husband

In the early age of marriage do share more time with your husband. While romance do better then he expect. Understood your husbands choice. Take care of him. Do family picnics. Both together visit your relatives. Prefer to celebrate quality party times with your husband. Love is not a part of one but one can initiate. If your husband like you less. Do more love to him. Day will come when he will honor your love.

Improve your Behaviors

Drink evening coffee with your husband. When possible try to help him in work load. If you can do vegetables marketing do this. Don’t criticize your husband for minor mistakes. If you found before into bed your husband is getting pain in his back-age or legs. Give him a well massage. This effects love life at night. In bed time give your complete coordination to your husband. Keep him Happy.

A Happy Husband Loves more…