Best Weight Loss Tips to burn Fat for Women over 40

Above 80% case it was found compare to men’s more percentage of women’s gain excess fats after their marriage. This is because of several causes. After marriage generally life style not differs for men’s but it differs for women’s. I can say this is a major cause for married women’s to gain excess fats. Do remember those days when you are virgin. You don’t think after marriage your life style is much more royal. Now a days Neither you are taking care of your diet plan nor attaining GYM. Like several factors disturbs after marriage. Let’s discuss these factors in below with best Weight loss tips to burn fat for Women over 40.

Late Night Sleep

It’s very common after Women over 40 to get late night sleep. But refer to medical science it was found after dinner if you are taking late night sleep it catalyze the process to generate fats in your body. I know what ever I am going to suggest here you can’t avoid late night in real-time. But keep remember slim women’s are more sexy. They keep their husbands more happy then a fat women. So do you don’t dream to stay slim & sexy. If so follow the steps below which can be the solution to Late Night Sleep.

1. Had your dinner 2 to 3 hours before into bed. Make practice to drink one cup green tea with one Lemon Juice before a good night sleep. Lemon is acidic in nature. This property of lemon helps to burn fat for Women over 40.

2. In your regular diet reduce calories & intake more fiber rich foods. Fiber rich food helps to build muscles rather increasing fats. Fiber rich foods stay longer in stomach that’s why it reduce frequently hunger.

3. Drink sufficient water everyday. Replace caffeine & alcohol intake with water. In case you are habituated to drink coffee or tea 4 to 5 times a day reduce it to 2 times. Avoid sugar. Sugar contains glucose which act like a catalyst to fats growth.

4. As a popular home remedy you can drink little warm water with a lemon juice & salt at the early morning after bed in empty stomach. This practice help to reduce fat quicker.

5. In your lunch & dinner if you are taking rice at least for one time replace rice with bread. Rice contains more calories then Breads. It is more better if you will take rice once in a week. In case it is difficult for you to avoid rice once in a day then replace your dinner with bread.

Don’t be a lazy Women

Recall your college days, you don’t think after marriage you are lazy. Generally it was found after marriage women’s get lazy. Avoid this habit, do your regular home works. For an example today Women over 40 are even not washing their cloths. They are taking help of washing machine. In such cases amount of physical works you required get reduced. Indirectly loss of physical exercises helps to grow fats. To avoid such kind of situations join a Yoga center or GYM. Everyday practice to do morning & evening walk. Physical exercise improve the speed of metabolism which helps to burn fat for Women over 40.

Plan your Diets

Intake of unplanned diet is a major cause of fats growth. Visit your family doctor & refer to his/her suggestion plan your diets. Reduced the intake of carbohydrates, glucose, fats & calories rich foods. Give priority to eat more fiber rich foods, fruits & green vegetables. Weekly a day practice to stay empty stomach. Looking into the construction of woman’s, refer to our Hindu culture there are several festivals in a year where a woman stay empty stomach for whole the day. This activity helps to reduces excess fats. Today with modernization this practice reduced. At least in a week specially on Monday do fasting.

1. Take 3 Carrots. Grind them well & extract juice from it. Mix this juice with a glass of normal water. Twice a day drink this. This is a best home remedy to reduce fats for Women over 40.

2. Add cabbage in your diet plan. Cabbage contains tartaric acid, Chemically which helps to prevent carbohydrates & sugar from being converted to fats.

Help your Husband to reduce work load

Yet you must aware as a woman you required physical exercises to reduce fats. Helping you husband to reduce work load can help you on this. If your kids school is near to your home. Everyday drop your kid in school & bring him to home. This activity improves your friend circle & also helps to gain some physical exercise. In week-end generally we do shopping & marketing for family. This is a best time to improve physical exercise. Join your husband in marketing. For day to day vegetable marketing practice to do your-self own. These activities helps a great to stay fit & fat free.

Follow our weight loss tips. “Stay Slim, look more Sexy & Awesome“.