Making Charges to Purity of Gold 5 things before buying Gold

We Indians love gold and thus whenever there is any occasion, we are on the verge of buying small little gold ornaments that complement our look. Purchasing jewellery has been a fascination for ages and it is not only an investment but also a great fashion statement for women and men. Maharashtrian Jewellery is famous all over the world since they have classy as well as traditional designs which make a bride look beautiful.

But, not everyone knows the important facts while purchasing gold. Whenever you are going to shops and outlets it is necessary to understand what gold jewellery you are buying. Precious metals do catch our attention easily and also distracts us a lot thus leading gold purchases into a dreadful nightmare. It is common to make mistakes but here are some tips that will help one understand how to buy genuine Maharashtrian gold jewellery.

1. Know the Pure or Impure Gold

Whenever you are buying gold, understand whether the gold is pure or not. Purity of the same can be understood in karats. Whenever gold is of twenty-four carats, that means it is 99% pure. Every carat of gold is equal to 4.5% of pure gold which denotes that eighteen carats have almost 75% of purity of gold in it. Generally, jewellers use eighteen or twenty-two carats only as twenty-four carat is not used to make any jewellery. As you are investing your hard earned money for the purchase, it is necessary to check the carat and purity of gold. The indication of whether your jewellery is pure or not is via hallmark since hallmarked jewelleries is such metals that are checked by proper agencies.

2. Charges of Making

Every piece of gold jewellery that you purchase carries a making charge which is actually the labour charge involved in crafting the piece. These charges are a reflection of the present rates of gold in the market. Some shops compel customers to pay higher charges but it is the customer who should be aware of the current rates of gold to avoid such mishaps.

3. Checking weight while Purchasing

Majority of gold jewellery that is sold in Indian markets are sold by weight. This is the reason heavy gold jewellery cost more. Sometimes, diamond, emerald, ruby, and other precious stones are added to gold jewelleries that makes them heavier too.

Jewellers will weight gold in its totality. This means that you might end up purchasing gold that is actually not in the jewellery. One should check this too while purchasing gold.

4. Discounts and Sales

During certain occasions and festivities, gold purchase peak up and this pushes the prices of gold. Many good companies and stores offer discounts and packages during wedding season and during off seasons too. Try to purchase little by little during these occasions when discounts are many and the prices are cheaper.

5. Buy bit by bit Stuffs

It is recommended to buy small stuff and not huge gold in one go. It not only saves money but also keeps the gold secure. Opt for bank lockers or safety vaults to keep your gold in secured hands.

Thus, if you keep in mind the above major points, buying pure maharashtrian jewellery will not be a problem for you. It is your hard earned money and thus, it is advised to only visit trustworthy shops and stores whenever you are buying wedding jewellery or investing in any gold.