Role of Astrology and Astrologers in the Hindu Wedding

Whenever a Hindu girl or boy ties the knot, it is popularly accepted that such a Hindu marriage must be sanctified through the consent of astrologers in Varanasi. A marriage that takes place after consulting the birth charts of the groom and bride are considered auspicious and pious. No traditional Hindu wedding is complete without considering an astrologer.

Some Astrological details checked for a Hindu Wedding

Hindu marriages are arranged based on the birth chart of the girl and the boy. The aspects that influence the incidence of marriage are:

1. The 7th house of the Kundli indicates the relationship and marriages. Benefits of this house are expected if the lord of this house is in Kendra or trikona or if the person has a strong lord of the ascendant inspecting this house.

2. The planetary period and sub-division of major planetary period or bhukti, depict the precious time for some events in life such as weddings, making major investments, etc. the planetary period of Venus is the most favourable time of marriage.

3. Mars-Saturn or Mars-Venus conjunction in one house creates problems of conflicts in this relationship.

4. The affliction of Mars over the birth-chart of any person indicates that she or he should marry a person with the same affliction. In such cases, the affliction is said to neutralize. Mars placed in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th is said to be afflicted.

According to the best astrologer in Allahabad, all these astrological rules indicated different things about marriage, association or aspect of any benefic planets like Venus, Waxing moon, mercury, and Jupiter, well placed in the birth chart always improves its effects.

Role of an Astrologer

It depends on how much you believe in horoscope and pious timing. Among many religions, marriages are arranged only after the astrologer matches the horoscope and finds it compatible. This is done to find out the future of the couple and if everything is going to be good or not. As a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so it is better to take care of everything.

As time passes on, the role of astrologer is decreasing, because of the increase in love marriages; time constraint has begun to dictate the auspicious timing. As arranged marriages are also decreasing in number, horoscope matching is also becoming redundant, but among traditional families, the words of the astrologers still have a major influence on the matchmaking process.

In any Indian marriage ceremony, nothing happens without the astrologer’s guidance. Astrologers are experts who could predict future events based on their experiences and learning’s.

How karma affects the Relationship?

The relationship is formed through strong connections of our karma including the wife, husband, and parents as well. According to astrology, when people are attached and get married, it is the fallout of past life experiences, the good or bad karma attracting each other. Some couples come together to discharge their bad karmas and some come together to fulfill strong desires or undertake a kind of journey together in life. Couples come together due to their health, wealth, relationship karmas.