How to be a Good Wife by keeping your Man Happy?

To become an ideal wife is not an easy job. In a family woman is the creator of love & responsibility. Without a wife family is a dream. Every husband wants a good wife. A good wife can bring all success or even her prayers can save from bad Fortune. While an indiscipline wife can destroy whole the family. How talented a man is or what ever the profession he do, for growth & success wife act like an enzyme. It is not wrong to say for a man his wife plays role in back-end. By nature woman attracts man. But do you think only attraction can make you a husband loving good Wife. No, including attraction you need to take care of many things. Learn here to know “How to be a good Wife?”.

According to CHANAKYA an ideal wife need to act like a mother when she serve food, need to act like a sister when it comes about friendship, need to act like a prostitute on bed & need to act like a doctor when matter comes about care. To achieve the above, first of all you required good attitude & creative thinking. Unless until you have a good attitude & creative thinking you can’t be an ideal wife. World speaks “happy family is more then the heaven”. And you know well to make your family happy you are the key.

Cooperate your Husband

I can say in this world the most beautiful relationship is the relationship of Husband & Wife. We believe it was decided from heaven. That’s why we say Life-Partners. Always remember this. Whether you pass across the time of fun or sad don’t leave your life-partner alone. Let your husband feel you are made for him. This feeling generates awesome love & respect in the heart of your husband. As per social rules your husband is a busy man. From daily marketing to Office he do everything. Don’t be a classical woman. Come forward & help him where ever you can.

Understood what your Husband wants

In total we all are human. Everyone has his own dream. Try to extract your husband feelings. Understood what he wants. Let’s talk open when you are in bed try to know what your husband wants from you. How can you make him happy. This is not a minor thing successful night change the whole day. It’s very true Love begins from bed. Avoid crazy activities in bed. Do sex with laughs.

Correct your Husband with Love & Mutual Understanding

In a family it happens sometime may your Husband will go wrong. In this case you need to handle this tactically. In front of family members don’t break the statements of your husband. If you are not agree to the decision of your husband discuss the issue at night just before or during love hours. Convince him with mutual understanding. Don’t ever press him to change his decision for you. A woman is capable to attract a man. Using this fundamental convince him.

Support your Husband in Financial Crises

Financial Crises is the most difficult time when a man get imbalanced to balance. During this period keep remember don’t use such statements which can hurt your husband. He is doing all for you. It may over the time he is unstable to handle the situation. In my words this is time where as a ideal wife you need to show you caliber. Give your best coordination & support. Every woman has her saving. In this duration share those moneys with your Husband. It generates an internal faith on you. Work together until you recovered from the Financial Crises.

Honor your Husband

Husband is also known as “SWAMI“. Do you understood what is the meaning of this word. It means he is your lord. Do love but at same end always Honor your husband. It acts like reverse engineering. Check it out how much you will honor your husband he will love you more n more. Whether its your friend or your parents after your are a wife your husband is more then all them. First listen your Husband & then others. Don’t forget he is your identity.

Decorate yourself as your Husband wants

Every man attracts towards beauty. Before a make-up take suggestion from your husband how he wants to see you. If he wants to see you as Madonna, be the Madonna. If he want to see you as a naughty woman be like that. Very true after a wife your make-up is for him only. So it’s no meaning if you decorate your-self & he doesn’t like. Follow him in the matter of make-up. Beauty attracts man. This is a best way to begin love. Do remember how much your husband will miss you are that much ideal wife.

A good wife makes journey easier – Biswabhusan