Honeymoon Travel Tips for Newly married Couples

Honeymoon is an ultimate Occasion in your life. Like two birds the newly married couple want to fly away from others to celebrate their love in private. Honeymoon not only creates love in life but also helps to understood your life partner well. You can’t disagree Honeymoon is a memorable event in your life. So let us make your memorable momentum’s beautiful. What do you think do we need any planning for Honeymoon Travel? Yes. Planning makes Honeymoon better.

Plan your Honeymoon

Do plan your Honeymoon Travel before the date of marriage. Marriage is a busy ceremony. I don’t think you can plan your honeymoon schedule properly with in the rush of marriage. Two things you have to decide first before you plan for your Honeymoon Travel. Location & Budget. Depending upon your geography decide well which location is best for your Honeymoon. If possible in this regard better to consult with your feature partner. Its more well if the Honeymoon place is a dreamworld for both of you. Choose an intimate & romantic surrounding to celebrate your love. Once you decided the location next factor is your budget. I mean how much you want to spend in your Honeymoon Travel. Is the place which you or your partner decided can covered in your budget? During your honeymoon travel in which standard of hotel you want to reside. What is your rate of expenses? Like all this question better you ask your-self in between the planning of your Honeymoon Travel. Planned honeymoon is hundred times better then unplanned one.

4th Night is the best Time

About the time of honeymoon I can say first night is the best night. Try to plan your honeymoon schedule for the date of your first night. It has a different charm. Due to busy schedule many of us plan our honeymoon travel later after 4th night. Try to avoid this. Plan proper & enjoy together.

Travel Tips

The time you are leaving for your honeymoon keep both of yours address proof & photo identity cards with you. Do check well to your debit card & credit cards balance. According to the duration you planned for your honeymoon leave package your luggage. Don’t forget to pack cam. Take a print out of the city map where you are going for your honeymoon. Recharge your mobile phone before travel. If any of your relative is staying in that city do collect his/her contact number before into the city. Do book the hotel before travel. If your hotel provides local transportation facilities, Consult with them. Or else ask them to help you for any good travel agency. In your honeymoon location prefer to not travel in the late of night. If you & your partner plan to rotate some where in that city. Do it early before evening 8 o clock.

Gift her

Generally women are seek to lovely surprises & gifts. Make your honeymoon to the best honeymoon. Gift her some thing she like most. Don’t refuse her to purchase any things she like with in your budget. Make her happy she will make you happy. Love is a mutual understanding. Do understood each other well in the duration of your honeymoon.

All moons are not having honey. When honey comes with moon we love to say Happy Honeymoon.