First Night Tips – Occasional Nights are rare, Make them Memorable

This is an important moment that makes every couple feel nervous who are just getting married. Most of them also worry because this is the first they have to make love after the wedding. Some of them also decide for now having sex in the first night because they do not know how to start. However, some of them also do not hesitate to have sex on the first night. Therefore, if you have never had sex before or this is the first time you have sex with your partner, then you may need some first night tips so that your first night with your partner will not be disappointing. You can consider some of these first-night tips and get the best experience of the first night with your partner that is unforgettable forever.

For First Night prepar a Super Private Room

After the wedding, you must not wish to have sex while your family members and your siblings are still at home. Therefore, if it is possible, you can choose a hotel with full facilities so that you can have your first night comfortably. This is the first night tips that you can do if you want to make love at the moment after your wedding. In fact, you can also do it at home but make sure that there is nobody who may bother you. This moment is the most awaited moment for any new marriage couples. Therefore, if it is possible you have to prepare a private place earlier before you get married.

Taking a Bath & Stay Clean

The super private room is already prepared, so it is time to start the first night. But, you have to consider this second first night tips before you go to the main performance. Before you make love, you must clean your body or take a bath. You must be tired after spending your day in the wedding and get sweaty. Therefore, you and your partner are recommended to take a bath to make your body fresh and do not forget to brush your teeth to get rid of bad smell in your mouth. This is really important but it is also just an option.

Creating a Comfortable Circumstance

If you already feel comfortable, then you can directly go to the main action. However, some of the new marriage women feel shy to start this best moment. So, you can follow this third first night tips in which as a man you need to start. You can talk to your wife first before starting the first night action. For example, you can talk while you are touching her body, kiss her lips and cheeks, and then hug her. In addition, you can also give her a compliment like saying that she is so beautiful and much more. This compliment is really important so that she knows that you love her body so much and it will make her more confident.

Muscle Stretching for Woman

Are you still virgin? If you are still virgin, then you have to realize that this first night will be a bit painful. Therefore, for this fourth first night tips, you are recommended to do muscle stretching before you begin to have sex. But, it is alright because the pain will not last forever and then you can enjoy the first night after a few times of having sex.

Do it Slowly for Nice Touch

The next first night tips for a newly couple is to do it slowly. In this case, you should not hurry to finish the first night because you still have a chance to do foreplay. The foreplay is really important so that the desire will get increased and this moment will be perfect. Firstly, you can start by hugging, and then kiss softly. Touching is also a good idea while both of you are still wearing dresses. You can take foreplay about several minutes. After that, as a man you are not recommended to hurry and you must realize that this first night will be painful for your wife. As a man, you have a duty to raise your wife desire so that she also enjoy this moment.

Do not expect too much in First Night, Go slow

Though the first night becomes the most awaited moment, you should not expect too much or expect to have a great sexual activity and have a long duration. Sometimes, because of nervous feeling, you cannot give the best service to your partner and vice versa. As a woman, you should not be feeling disappointed when your husband cannot give a good action in this first night because it all needs a process. Perhaps, the next action will be better than before.

Be Patient for better Action

Suppose you do not feel satisfied with the first-night action, then you should not be angry or disappointed because you still have next time to make it better. For a man, if your wife cannot bear the pain, you must stop it and do not force yourself to do it because it will make your wife suffocated. You need to be patient because time is all yours. You can do next time when your wife is ready. You have to remember this first night tips because there are so many couples who do not feel satisfied on the first night and then they are angry each other.

In summary, those are several first night tips that you have to consider so that you know how to make your partner satisfied when doing the first night action as the most awaited moment for any new marriage couples. The first-night action is not always satisfying because most of the people will feel nervous and they are not confident to do it. However, you have to know after you make love for several times, you will always want to do it every time because you have found the comfortable feeling. Good mood or comfortable feeling really gives a big impact toward your first-night performance. So, you have to make sure that both of you are in a good feeling and condition to get the best first-night experience.