Understanding the Technology behind Instagram that makes it so effective

Since its launch in 2010, it did not even take half a decade for Instagram to become one of the most popular social media platforms. It has now more than a billion active monthly users, being second to Facebook, its owner. The reason behind such exponential growth and success of Instagram is due to the Technology behind Instagram.

This free mobile photo-sharing app actually works best with smartphones, iOS, or Android.

  • The app allows the users to capture, edit, and share some of the best photos
  • It also allows us to shoot short video clips and post them on the platform.

The platform comes with several Artificial Intelligence based features and tools, such as a number of filters that will enable you to change the look of the photo or video you wish to post.

It is these tools that the developers of this popular app give credit for their stupendous success. They say that they have been very selective in choosing the tools for the app and incorporate them wisely in it. For this, they followed specific core principles like:

  • Keeping things as simple as possible
  • Not trying to reinvent the wheel
  • Using the proven and robust technologies wherever they could

They, in fact, stacked it with a set of programming languages, IDE’s, libraries, and tools to make the app exciting and productive.

The Technologies used

There are a few specific technologies used in this app which plays a significant role in its performance and functionality. These are:

  • Django-based stack – This runs on Ubuntu 11.04 servers
  • Redis – This is a new tool that helps to store the faster feeds
  • PostgreSQL – This serves the storage purposes
  • Gunicorn – This acts as the primary web server

All these tools and technologies have made this platform the most favored one for the individuals as well as the business owners and marketers such as Blastup and others alike.

The technologies behind Instagram enables the platform to identify code plagiarism as well, whether it is from the same or different project. It provides detailed results as well as allow tracking the origin of the code.
The technology stack behind Instagram makes it quite and extensive infrastructure, and no doubt, it meets the demand for faster mobile engineering and account traffic most successfully, effectively, and efficiently.

Benefits of the Technologies used

Apart from the fact you can edit your photos and videos, the technologies behind Instagram provides the users with a lot of benefits.

  • It allows other users of the platform to like and follow the posts you make on Instagram
  • It allows you to increase the number of followers to your account in the most reliable and legit manner
  • It also allows you to buy followers and real likes by using different tools that will send only active and organic users

All these are possible only due to the perfect combination of the proven technologies with the front-line tools. It is also the result of the decisive conjoining of the NoSQL tools with the SQL databases. In some ways, Instagram also uses big data and AI that improve the user experience along with their services.

About the Engineering

It is the Instagram mobile engineering that has made this best and most used app a secure platform for the users to communicate with the world in a much more comfortable and fun way.

Adding to its effectiveness arrived Android. In 2012, Instagram made its second platform. It surely and successfully doubled the engineering challenge, but at the same time, the cleft nature of the operating system of Google was improved by a significant magnitude.

The fact that it doubled the challenges of mobile engineering is because:

  • The problems in the Android version is not found in iOS
  • There is a wide range of devices used
  • It needs more than developing the UI to fit onto the screen of any sizes and shapes
  • Caring for the devices that have low memory and low bandwidth

This means that the engineers have to take into consideration different aspects such as editing, wait, and resolution for those ‘not so good’ Android phones. Technically, this is not a simple task to build such a structure.

Addition of new Features

In response to the social effects of the platform that has been criticized by several experts, Instagram has come up with new features and technologies to reduce the impact. One such is hiding the number of followers who have ‘liked’ a particular post. However, this new feature is not unanimously accepted by all.

  • The developers say that this feature will create a less stressful experience for the users, especially teenagers and kids.
  • The influencers, on the other hand, are worried about the fact that they might lose the number of followers to their account and income.

As this feature expands to the US, several celebrities and artists have also ventilated their worries of losing income and followers. A few have even gone a step ahead and stopped posting on this platform.

However, the developers say that there is nothing to worry about because the users of the accounts will still be able to view their own likes. The feature they have included will disallow the followers to those accounts to see the number of likes a particular photo received.

Summing it up

If you want to use the Instagram account to the fullest in keeping with the changes in features, technologies, and in its algorithm, you should follow a few Instagram technology accounts.

In today’s scenario where technological advancements are experienced in almost all sectors making an astounding change, Instagram happens to be the best possible place to establish a connection with the outside world. However, it applies only to those people who are in love with technical things.

This platform itself is a technological wonder you will need to design targeted ads for your audience to increase traffic. This is only possible when you have artificial intelligence and other technical capabilities. Therefore, follow a couple of those several top-rated technology accounts to be abreast of the latest tech news.

Author’s bio: Karen Anthony is an Instagram and social media marketing analyst having years of experience and knowledge. She is passionate about new gadgets & technology.