Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Symptoms and Home Remedies

Do you know what the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is? Before talking about Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms & home remedies, it is better to understand what it is. Actually, this is the diseases that commonly are in women. Of course, men also can get this disease, but, almost women that get this urine track infection. It happens because there is the infection in the urine system. Outing of the urine through some parts, those are kidneys, bladder and the tubes. If there is the sign of the infection, it should be treated as soon as possible because it can spread into the kidneys so it will become the serious disease.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Symptoms

1. The first one is feeling painful when you do the urination.

2. The next sign is you will often go to the toilet to urinate. The frequency is more often that as usual.

3. Then, commonly, people feel painful at the part of the lower stomach.

4. Another sign is you can see on the urine color. It will be cloudy and usually it foul-smelling.

Those are some signs that generally come into some people. However, there is the certain person that doesn’t get any signs.

Then, if their signs come and then there is no the treatment quickly, it can spread into the kidney that the signs are: There is the feeling of painful at the either of the lower back, getting the fever and getting the nausea and vomiting. Those are the serious signs from this disease.

Of course, to be a healthy person, you should keep your health carefully. There are some things you should do to avoid the Urinary Tract Infection. This is better than you should think about UTI Symptoms & home remedies when you have had this disease. Before it happens to you, pay attentions to some important things you should do to avoid the Urinary Tract Infection.

Causes of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

1. Firstly, you should drink the much water because not enough drinking can cause this urine infection.

2. Then, the frequent taking a bath also can cause the increase of the risk of the disease. So, it is enough for you to take a bath twice in a day.

3. Then, holding the urinating too long. For that, don’t do it. If you feel you want to urinate, as soon as possible to go to the toilet.

4. The last one is the kidney stones.

If you get the signs of the urine infections, you can do symptoms & home remedies for urine infection without using the prescription of the doctor. This way gives the best result for some people. It is right in treating this urine infection is not only using the antibiotic. However, if you do the home remedies, make sure that the way you take is the right way. You must go to the doctor to do the examination at first about your disease.

UTI Home Remedies

1. Firstly, drink the much water. As you know that the main cause of this Urinary Tract Infection is because not enough drinking. As the medical treatment, drinking the much water is suggested for you. Water can help to go out the bacteria in your body. This bacteria cause your infection. You may have the question about how much that you should drink. It is better for you to drink a half of your weight water in a day. For example, if you are 140 ponds, so you must drink 70 ons water every day.

2. Secondly, you should consume the vitamin C. This vitamin is good for the health of the urinary tract. This vitamin can cause your urine becoming more acidic so it makes the growth of the bacteria inhibits.

3. Consume the health food. Having the urine infection should be focus on the healthy food. Don’t consume the alcohol, caffeine, spicy food and the carbonated drinks. Change that food into a good food such as food that contains the high fiber.

4. Then, think about the herbal remedies. This treatment you can do. You may use the herb of the uva ursi. It is from the bearberry leaves. However, don’t consume this leaf in a long time period because there is the side effect such as the liver damage. You should consume it just for about five days. Besides this bearberry leaf, you can choose to use the goldenseal herb.

5. The last aspect that is very important to do is you should change your habit into a healthy one. For examples, you should stop to smoke; wear the loose cotton clothes, and use the hygienic products only.

Those are the brief information about Urinary Tract Infection. This disease can come because some the unhealthy habit such as not enough drinking, wearing not loose cotton clothes, holding the urinating and the others. You should avoid doing some of them to be able to live healthy. Avoid this disease by doing the healthy habit. Then, for you that have been gotten this disease. Let’s make the treatment sooner to avoid the more serious problem because urine infection can spread into the kidney. Understand some signs about the diseases so you take the right time to see the doctor to do the examination.