Breast Cancer Prevention prescribed tips for Women’s

Refer to the survey from every year nearly lakhs of women lost their life in breast cancer. Breast cancer kills the life. Lumps & Swelling to skin changes are the primary symptoms of breast cancer. If you found uncomfortable conditions in your breast do visit a doctor. I believe you can protect your-self from breast cancer by updating your life-style. In below read our breast Cancer Prevention tips.

Stop Smoking & Tobacco

Smoking acts like a slow poison. According to National Cancer Institute smokers have 25% more chance to infect with Cancer. Stop Smoking. Today in market we have several tobacco products. Regular intake of tobacco causes Lung Cancer, Oral Cancer & Pancreatic Cancer. Avoid to chew Tobacco products. Many of us kept Tobacco in our mouth at night while we are sleeping. Don’t do this.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Consumption of alcohol disturbed the way estrogen is metabolized in our body. Estrogen is the primary sex hormone in women. Disturbance in Estrogen can cause Breast Cancer. It’s far better to be a social drinker rather then a regular drinker. Avoid Alcohol.

Exercise Regularly

Higher level of Oestrogen causes breast cancer. Regular exercise help to reduce Oestrogen level in our body. Twice a day do exercise for your breasts to keep them healthy. Stand in-front of your dressing table. Remove cottons. Slowly apply pressure to your breasts from top, bottom & from the below arm areas. While pressing from top rotate 360 degree clockwise & anti-clockwise 5 times each. Don’t use vibrators for your breast areas. Do PRANAYAAM in early morning. It’s help to gain more oxygen. More oxygen improves immunity power to prevent breast Cancer. Regular habit to do Yoga drainage toxins from the breast & the lymph nodes.

Control your diets

With your regular diets add more Fruits & Vegetable. Consume protein rich foods like egg, dairy, Soy milk, Goat milk, Almond milk, meat, mock meat, Vegetables, Grain & Pulses. Weekly once eat 100 gram Almond. Almond helps to fight against cancer. Including protein Vitamin A is also very effective to improve our immune system against cancer. Eat more Vitamin A rich foods like egg yolks, raw whole milk, raw butter & chicken liver. In place of normal salt take iodized salt. Iodine do well synthesis to hormones in our body. Breasts required more iodine to do its proper cellular functions. Less of iodine cause several diseases. Avoid Sugar & Fructose.

Wear Quality Brassiere

Uncomfortable bra creates problem in blood circulation. Your breasts are the most sensual part in your body. Don’t disturb the blood flow in your breast areas. Many women are habituate to wear bra at night. Don’t wear bra at night. Prefer to purchase one quality bra rather then 3 unacceptable bra’s. According to Your Cup Size Choose perfect Size brassier. Don’t wear tight bra. While traveling use air bra for better care.

Control Cortisol Hormone

Quality sleep reduce stress. Level of stress controls Cortisol hormone. Imbalance in Cortisol hormone can be a cause to breast cancer. It is found nearly 80 of affected women sleeps very rare. How busy you are it’s not matter. Take sufficient rest. At a min sleep 8 hours comfortably. Avoid late night sleep. If you have any chronic problem that not allow you to sleep better don’t intake sleeping piles. Consult your family doctor & do necessary treatments. Among our releases there is a very nice article to help you for your good sleep.

Avoid hormone replacement therapy

Menopausal hormone therapy increases more risk for Breast Cancer. Avoid hormone replacement therapy. Don’t do this for long duration. If you are taking hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms ask your doctor to replace this with non-hormonal therapies.

Protect you from radiation & pollution

Radiation is a major cause of Cancer. If any where you are coming in contact of radiations stay prepared to protect you from radiation. Wear anti-radiation Costumes. Give priority to live a pollution free life. For everyday vegetables do gardening at your home. Today in the market there are plenty of vegetables are rich with unwanted chemicals. This is also a cause to Cancer. For better growth in vegetable plants use natural vitamins for soil. Avoids chemicals in gardening. Eat healthy stay healthy.