Cancer to Skin Diseases How Neem leaves are useful as a Herb

Neem leaf comes from native a medicinal plant that is originally from India. Neem plant had already spread in some areas of Asia, including Indonesia, China, India, Thailand, and much more. Neem belongs to the type of plants that can live in the dry and arid area. Neem plant height can reach 25 meters with a type of hard stem in brown. The leaves are green with long oval shape and have serrations on the edges.

There are so many health benefits of Neem that you need to know. It is obtained from the content of the leaves that contain many natural substances such as rutin, nimbine, nimbolide, and much more. All these substances play an active role to maintain the health of your body. This leaf is categorized as a primary leaf which is often used in herbal medicines because it has a lot of benefits when compared to other types of herbal leaves.

You should understand the health benefits of neem and efficacy of neem leaves and this article will provide a detailed description of some use of these leaves for your health. Here are some of the health benefits of Neem.

Destroying Cancers

The first Efficacy of neem leaf is that the leaf can be used for destroying cancer. These leaves have high levels of anti-oxidants which are so potent against a wide range of free radical effects, including cancer. Therefore, if you want to be healthy and away from cancer, then you need to consume neem regularly.

Skin Medicines

Another health benefit of neem leaves can be a powerful skin for remedy. Some types of skin diseases will be easily cured with this leaf. These leaves will cleanse skin diseases related to fungi and other kinds of bacteria. You can use this leave by blending the leaves and then put the blended leaves on your skin.

Neem leaves Good for stomach

You can keep your stomach healthy by using neem leaf. The content in the leaf will not make your stomach sick. This leaf will make your stomach become healthier and more resistant to disease. Therefore, you may take some neem leaves when you have a stomach problem or you can also consume it every day for prevention.

Improving Blood circulation

Smooth blood circulation can be created with neem leaves. This unique leaf will be a powerful natural substance in the blood flow. Some blood diseases like blood clots can be prevented early by consuming these leaves every day. You can take several leaves every day and then you can boil some neem and you can drink the water.

Treatment for Malaria

Malaria caused by mosquito bites can also be overcome with neem leaves. The leaves will heal slowly and prevent malaria from attacking your body. There are so many people in India who use this herb to treat Malaria and the result is really extraordinary. It is really easy to make a medicine from neem. You can take some dried neem leaves and then you can boil some water. After that, you may drink the water that contains neem efficacy.


The next health benefit of neem leaf is that the leaf can be anti-bacterial herbal. These leaves will serve as an antidote to the bacteria which can get inside your body so it does not trigger some diseases caused by bacteria. You can consume some leaves by boiling it or you can also blend the leave to make some ointments.

Neem leaves preventing Diabetes

Another benefit of Neem leaves is also effective in preventing diabetes. These leaves have a good function to control the sugar levels in your blood. Diabetes will not appear and interfere with your health when you consume the leaves regularly. As usual, you only need to boil some water with some Neem leaves inside and then you can drink it every day.

Neem leaves lowering Fever Heats

Heat due to the fever can be reduced with Neem leaves. These leaves have a good content of natural compounds to reduce the heat in fever. Your body temperature will return to normal and then you will be healthy again. You can drink some Neem water when you have a fever and you will recover after a few hours.

Preventing infection

The health benefit of neem leaf is also important for preventing infection, whether infection of the skin or inside your body. Anti-infection is certainly very useful for the body because it will not trigger a further disease. If you have a wound on the skin, then you can blend some neem leaves and then you can put the extract on the skin. Or you can also drink the boiled neem water to prevent infection in the inside.

Preventing Inflammation

The health benefits of Neem leaves to the body can also prevent inflammation. These leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, namely the health properties that will prevent and treat some of the inflammation in your body. Any kinds of inflammation are able to heal by this leaf and you can consume it regularly.

Well, those are some health benefits of neem that you may never know before. In fact, there are so many more benefits when you use neem to treat your body. Some of the other benefits are that you can use neem to increase your appetite or you can also consume some neem leaves to cure diarrhea. Overall, neem leaves are very good for stomach treatment so that you will not have any abs problems and you can also defecate normally.


In summary, there are so many health benefits of neem, but it also depends on our habit. Without neem leaves, we can actually be healthy if you always keep our body healthy by consuming health foods, having exercise, and much more. Meanwhile, the neem leaves are only an alternative when you need an extra treatment for prevention or curing. In some countries, this neem plant cannot be found but in India, there are so many neem leaves. Perhaps, you can buy some neem leaves in the markets or you can also buy some products that are made from neem leaves.