What are the Good Sources of Low Calorie High Protein Foods?

Moreover, in consuming protein, we cannot eat whatever food we want since not all the foods we eat have such a high protein nutrition. That is why we must be more selective in choosing the foods which have a high protein nutrition. Then, do you know what foods having the highest protein nutrition? If you want to know more what foods which will give you a high nutrition for protein, you can get the information as in the following explanation, and this are 10 high protein foods you must consume.

To make our body is healthy, what we must do first is by fulfilling the needs of the nutrition for the body. As it is known that our body not only need one or two nutrition, but it needs so many nutrition such as carbohydrate, fat, mineral, vitamin and also protein. Hence, in this case, we have to know first whether our dishes contain of all of the nutrition we need or not. If not, indeed, we must change the food with the high nutrition one. Moreover, one of the most important nutrition that we have to be fulfilled is protein.

What is protein? Protein is 20 amino acids which are constructed, and it has three dimensional shapes having different function for the body. Several function which must we know about protein that are these amino acids will build the antibody, as enzymes for bio-chemicals reactions, as the transport protein, storage protein, hormonal protein and structural protein. With all of those great functions of protein having been mentioned before, of course, we have to fulfill this nutrition well in order that our body will be healthier.

In choosing the high protein foods, we can categorize it in several food categorize. For the first one is the high protein meat. As having been known that meat is one of the protein source which is very good for the body. However, not all of the meats we know have the same level of protein. There are only several meats that have the highest protein nutrition, namely:


Who does not know this meat? Chicken is one of the most favorite meats in many countries, so that is why the consuming rate of this meat is high enough. But not all the parts of the chicken is full of protein. There is only one part of the chicken meat which has the highest protein level with 24 g protein in three serving, and it is chicken breast. What you must note here is the chicken breast will be boneless and also skinless.


It is not only chicken breast but the turkey breast meat also has such high protein nutrition as well. In each serving, we will get the same level like chicken breast that is 24 g protein in three serving. This breast is good to maintain your antibody.


For the next food having protein power about 23 g in 3 serving, there is steak. Thus, this food can be your best alternative to fulfill your protein need.

Furthermore, protein also can be got from seafood. Seafood is the food from the sea animals, and it has been known as one of great good which must be consumed. Then, these are the seafood having the highest protein level as follow.


This red meat from the sea becomes one of 10 high protein food since the protein power provided is 25 g in three serving. In the flesh of tuna, we also can find B vitamin and antioxidant which are good for the health.


The sea animals having many tentacles called octopus, in fact, has such a high protein level. The protein power of this food is 25 g per 3 serving. This is high enough if it is compared with the other food.


The other seafood having high protein is salmon. The fish which has been known with its omega 3 fatty acid actually has 25% more protein, so that is why this fish is recommended to be consumed.


Caviar is known as luxurious food at the old times because not all people can eat it. Plus, it used to be hard to gather the fishes’ eggs. But know, there are a lot of canned caviar that you can get and it can be used for various foods combination. Put some on your foods and get higher protein.For the third category, there is high protein dairy in which there will be milk, cheese and its products. Then, what is the highest protein dairy, the explanation is below.

Swiss Cheese

If it is compared with the other kinds of cheese, Swiss cheese can be a good choice. It is caused by a higher protein will be get 8 g protein in each serving. With this fact, this cheese can be the best cheese for your sandwiches.

Soy Milk

Not only milk produced by cow, but soy milk also has a high protein power. As it is known that soy milk is made of soy having a high protein nutrition. In fact, we can get 8 g protein in a cup of soy milk.


Who does not know this food? Egg has been known as the food having a higher protein since in each serving, there is 6 g protein power that will be got.

From the explanation above, there are 10 foods in 3 categories which will be good to be consumed if you want to fulfill your protein need. Of course, in consuming those foods, you do not be too much or too less since it will make you face the problem of weight gain if you eat too much protein and anemia if you do not fulfill your protein need.