Everything you need to know about buying Pillows

You may not know this but your head weighs at least 5 kilos, if not more. Imagine all the strain you can cause your head and neck if you don’t invest in a proper pillow. So what is it that makes a good pillow?

A good pillow should not only be comfortable but should hold your head in proper alignment with relation to your shoulders and spine. This means that even when you are sleeping, your head should be positioned as such as if you were standing upright in a correct posture. A pillow too soft will make your head flop, thereby curving your neck. At the same time, too hard will crick your neck.

So if you are wondering how to Buy The Best Pillow in Singapore, then this article right here will guide you in the right direction.

Tips to buy the best Pillows

As is with everything else with your bedding, your pillow too requires that you try them out before making a final decision. If possible, you should also try out the pillows on a bed where you can lie down on your side and then ask someone to check the alignment of your neck, head, and upper back. The pillows should be tucked neatly under your head and must support your shoulder and neck fully.

However, sleeping with too many pillows can curve your spine upwards and thin pillows or no pillows will only make it curve downwards. According to experts, while it is ok to sleep on the side and your back, you should avoid sleeping on your tummy as it can cause permanent strain on your neck.

While it is largely a matter of personal choice when buying a pillow, you must ensure that the one you eventually buy offers correct head and neck support. At the same time, they pillows should retain their shape and offer constant support throughout the night.

Having said that, let us look at the tips that you need to consider when buying a pillow.

Understand your Mattress

Your pillow must work closely with your mattress to give you proper sleep and support your body through the night. For instance, if you have a softer mattress, then choose a thinner pillow. This is because a softer mattress will sink your body into the mattress. Therefore, the gap between your head and mattress is lesser that doesn’t need more than a pillow to cover that gap. Firmer mattresses, on the other hand, keep your bodies from sinking too much, leaving a larger gap for your pillow to fill in. Hence, what you need is a fuller pillow to sleep comfortably as well as fitfully.

That being said, the most important criteria when buying a pillow is to keep its firmness in mind. The fullness or firmness of the pillow will position your head accordingly and help you sleep through the night with your head in perfect alignment of your body, without putting it in awkward angles.


If you are feeling hot and sweaty at night, then this cannot be good for your body. Your pillow must allow air to pass instead of trapping heat. A rule of thumb is to consider the pillow filling. If it is too dense, then it will be difficult for your head and neck to breathe. Therefore, what you need is a pillow that stays cool and is made of polyester or shredded foam. Look for other features such as pillows infused with cooling gel pads that provide you with a refreshing feel throughout the night.

Check the Care Instructions

Before you toss your pillow into the washing machine, remember that not all pillows are washable. Some have clear washing instructions on the labels. So make sure you check those instructions carefully to retain the fibre quality. Apart from cleaning your pillow regularly, as per cleaning instructions, you must also consider getting a new one once in two years.

When buying a pillow online, don’t forget to check about the return and refund policies. Since the good ones can be expensive, it is important for you to try them out first and then decide whether you want to commit to them for the next two years. Don’t shop from a seller that do not give you return or exchange on their merchandise. After all, your sleep quality is directly proportionate to your overall health and wellbeing. Hence make sure you have fully checked these factors before making a purchase.

Sleep is an important part of your body’s self-healing process. Therefore, investment in a good pillow and bedding is an investment in your overall health. So keep all these points in mind when shopping for a pillow.