The Bridesmaids Should prepare the things until the last Minutes

Being a bridesmaid means you have to take an adventurous ride which is a combination of lots of fun, excitement, responsibilities and drama. You and your group have to take care of the bride of the day and helped her at every step of the way which will take her to the doors of lifetime love. You have to support her from buying the wedding dress to helping her let dance on the every beat and loose her for the bachelorette day. It’s your responsibility to plan and check for big to tiny details related to wedding planning and bride. Such details can include preparing the guest list, mailing the wedding cards and praising all your guests with wedding favor. Although, bridesmaids have even more responsibility of standing by the bride to be and you help her out from any issue.

As the wedding day comes closer, you have to make a check on certain things and upgrade them to the bridesmaids status right before the wedding traditions. Here’s a list of certain things you should make a check on for wedding day and prepare until the last minute:

Praise the bride with a letter before walking down the aisle

You should write a heartwarming letter and give it to the bride to be when you are going back with her. She should know how special she is. Give the note before the bride walks down the wedding aisle. You are her one of the best friends, so tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her. Make her feel special and calm her with your loving messages. Write the letter during last minute so you can let her imagine everything happening through the event.

Take beauty treatment in last minute

Definitely, being a bride, you want to look great & beautiful so taking a round to parlor is bride’s most owned right. You should take all waxing, eyebrows, manicure, pedicure treatment a day or two before the wedding, so you will look pretty. If you take these beauty treatments before couple of days then your hairs, eyebrows will look messy and nails chipped. And no bride wants to have her photos with such mess.

Discuss makeup and hair ideas with professional

Discuss makeup and hairstyle ideas with the professional you have hired. Let them know what type of look you want, if you have particular look in your mind. So, your ideas go well with bridesmaids dresses & makeup.

Pack a bag of essentials

Every bridesmaid needs a bag full of essentials which she needs on her hand during wedding ceremonies. It includes deodorant, makeup kit, bobby pins, bandage, hair spray, mini snacks and more. Except this you should buy jewelry that go well with your dresses and purchase couple of gifts for the guests, friends and relatives. So when they return back you can gift them the sweet memories of the wedding celebration.