How to make your Time better during Weekend?

For most people, the time between work finishing on a Friday afternoon and returning to the office again on a Monday morning is the most valuable and looked forward to time of the week. It is a time when you don’t have to answer to a boss or to shareholders or to any sort of work pressure at all. Instead it is a time to relax and chill out and to do the things that you want to do with family and friends. Too often though the weekend is gone before it has even started – the time simply appears to fly away before you know what has happened. This is generally due to poor time management and it is a problem that can be managed. Here are a few simple tips to ensure that you are able to get the most from the time that you have available to you on a weekend.

Manage your Chores

Because the weekend is a time when you get to do your own things, it often ends up being filled with chores and housework. While this is certainly a necessary activity it shouldn’t end up dominating your weekend – unless housework and maintenance are things that you relish and look forward to. Rather be aware of what needs to be done and how best you can manage these requirements. If for instance, you notice that you spend every second weekend mowing the lawn, then maybe it is time to investigate installing synthetic grass Melbourne has a range of suppliers who could lay this for you. For a one-off cost you have suddenly saved yourself two hours for yourself every second weekend. Alternatively look at the option of hiring somebody to do the work. If you place a value on your time it is easy to compare your rate and the rate you must pay to get somebody else to do it. If the maths makes sense, go for this.

Watch when you Sleep

As important as sleep is, it can also be a major time thief. By all means, use the weekend as a time to catch up on lost sleep, but also be sensible about it and use an alarm. If you are waking up too late then the better part of the day is done before you know it and the opportunity to do the things that you need to do is gone. So be aware of how much time you spend asleep.

Hang-overs are Time Thieves

Most people like to party a bit on the weekend and let their hair down. This is normal behaviour and completely fine but be aware that too much drinking can make the next day a write-off. So, if you are going to go big, then make sure that you do it intentionally. Don’t end up losing the better part of a day because you ended up drinking too much on a Friday or Saturday night. It is for this reason that lots of people like to drink heavily on a Thursday night – it gives them Friday at the office to recover and ensures that they are ready and good to win the weekend by the time Saturday rolls around.

Be Intentional

Make sure that you control the events of the weekend. Take time out on a Thursday evening or a Friday to list what you want to do. Be realistic and try to allot time to ensure that you are able to achieve your goals. Make sure that you blend things well: enough time for family, for physical activity, for housework and for partying.