Street Food to Paintball 5 Ideas for a not so Cliche First Date

First dates are not easy. It’s even truer in this age of Happn and Tinder and other such dating apps where you don’t personally know the other person. Movies and dinner are just too common these days and It can get awkward and boring on such dates even if both the parties are really interested in each other.

But worry not. There’s a way to make sure your date is as interesting as you are, if not more. But that comes with a little planning, But I’m guessing you’re already doing that since you’ve stumbled upon this article.

So, let’s get right into some uncommon fun date ideas:

1. Locked Room Escape

My very first date ever was in a locked escape room in Calgary. The passion to solve the puzzles put in an element of excitement and thrill and made our first meeting extremely pleasant. This is an absolute must try idea. Not only will it be fun, but there will be no scope of unintended awkwardness and the chances of a second date are bound to increase.

2. Paintball

If you and your date enjoy competitive and dramatic scenarios, then a paintball date is an amazing idea. This extremely enjoyable sport is a perfect idea for an adventurous experience in your first meeting. And if it all works out well, you’ll have a great story to tell your kids and grandkids. Out in the open, bring in your best game. The winner gets to decide where to eat.

3. A One Day Hobby Class

Get to know each other better by attending a class together. Brush up your moves in a dance class or create a masterpiece together in a painting or pottery class. If you already have a common thing you want to learn, doing it together will create better connection and help you quickly pass the phase of hesitation.

4. Go On Street Food Revel

No relation is stronger than the ones created over love for food. Go on a street food spree and try out as many local food items as you can. This one is specifically my favourite because I planned it out for my date with my fiance before I proposed her. The added twist was that we had to pretend to be a new character on every new stall. We would make up background stories about our character and meet each other for the first time at every new stall. This uber fun date is a perfect idea for a full day date.

5. Visit a Planetarium

Find out if they’re the Rachel to your Ross by taking them to the planetarium for peaceful time spent stargazing. Especially for people who don’t enjoy being in the crowd, this can be a great date idea. Just make sure you don’t “roll over the juice box.” (FRIENDS Season 2, Episode 15).

Ditch the normal and plan an out of the ordinary date with these ideas. The purpose is to connect with the other person without struggling to fill in the awkward silence and there are so many ways to let that happen. Going to a zoo or a museum or just cycling can be so much fun and enjoyable and it shows that you cared enough to think through and plan. The more pleasantly uncommon the date, the better the memories and hopefully, the better the chances of a second date.