Simulated Diamond Wedding Rings are Affordable and Durable

Simulated or lab-made diamonds are the best alternative diamond to mined diamonds. There are many reasons for that, and one of the main reasons is it is affordable and easy to use. But when you are buying simulated diamond wedding rings, you should be careful because all the diamonds are not the same. You will see several varieties and price differences. Therefore you will need a buying guide to choose the best diamond for yourself.

What is a Simulated Diamond?

Simulated diamonds are not real mined diamonds. They are the copy of natural diamonds and made of the composition of different chemicals. People are trying all the efforts for many years to make a real mined diamond. So the result they get is the simulated diamond. These diamonds can look similar to real ones, but under microscopic exam, one can quickly determine that it is real or not.

Different Kinds of Simulated Diamond Wedding Rings to Buy

Getting married is the start of a new phase of life. Therefore you want perfection in every aspect to make it memorable. When you are looking to buy a wedding ring for your marriage ceremony, you will encounter hundreds of designs and different cuts that confuse you. But never mind, we will make you familiar with the popular kinds of simulated diamonds.

Round – It is the most popular one the shape of the diamond is round. You will see this kind of diamond almost everywhere.

Princess – In princess cut, the diamond shape is like a box as all the sides are equal. If you don’t want to get a rounded shape, you can go for princess cut shape on your engagement.

Emerald – If you buy simulated diamond wedding rings, an emerald shape diamond can provide you a classy look. It is a long shape diamond and has the same shine as a round diamond.

Oval – The oval shape is well known, and it looks like a round shape. You can go for this shape as about 55% of women love to wear oval shape diamond rings at their wedding.

Pear – This is around corner shape diamond that is like a dripping water drop. This kind of diamond is also easily available.

Love Shape – The heart is the symbol of love, and on the occasion of weddings, it reflects a lot of things. So the heart shape simulated diamond wedding rings can help you to enhance your love for your partner.

Popular Colors of Simulated Diamonds

Diamond comes in different colors, but I will introduce you to the most popular one, which can suit your personality and dress code.

Simulated Diamond Rings white Gold

This is the most accepted color diamond. Most people think that a real diamond is only in white gold color. That’s why this color is the most selling color in diamonds. The second reason for its popularity is it fits with every skin tone and dress code. You don’t have to worry about making a combination of your diamond rings or any kind of other white gold diamond jewelry.

Therefore simulated diamond rings white gold in color can be a smart choice.

Simulated Chocolate Diamond Rings

These simulated chocolate diamond rings have a variety of different color tones, from light to dark. You can choose from a rich brown hue to light champagne. It is also wearable with all kinds of dresses as it suits perfectly with any color combination.

Choose Diamond That Last for a Lifetime

In the end, we advise you to choose such a diamond that can last for a lifetime, especially when you are buying simulated diamond wedding rings. The reason is that it is the token of love and the memory of engagement. Therefore no one wants to damage or spoil it.