Facts about Greek Mythology feature Battles and terrible Creatures

There are several stories of Greek mythology feature heroic battles and terrible creatures, and taught the importance of bravery, intelligence, and right and wrong. Some weird battle and many more.

Story of Minotaur

There is a time a prince’s name, minus want to be a king, so he prays to god Poseidon and want to grant his wish Poseidon really like his devotion, so he gave a white bull for good luck. The bull was so magnification people show here beauty after that prince minus become a king, and he promises to Poseidon to return his bull, but minus doesn’t want to return the bull, so he decided to return the other bull off his kingdom after that Poseidon become angry, and he decided to curse minus. Minus wife birth to Minotaur as the result Minotaur look half man and half bull king create a maze and locked Minotaur and send children to him for his meal many years’ lot of kids lost his life than a brave king decide enough of his land living in fear of the Minotaur. He accompanies the group and is prepared to fight. Hearing the Minotaur breathing nearby, he springs toward it. Dodging the monster’s deadly horns, he thrusts his sword into the beast. The Minotaur is dead, but will the group find its way out? In luck, Theseus unspoiled a piece of string as he walked through the maze, and leads the children out to safety.

Story of Medusa

Medusa was a monster in Greek mythology, she’s having a head of hair consisting of snakes those how sees Medusa first time turning into stone. Medusa was served with god temple Athena. After Poseidon raped Medusa. Athena curses to Medusa to become a monster. People are so scary to Medusa then one man warrior Perseus agrees to slay the beast Wearing a helmet of invisibility, he sneaks up on Medusa. She’s asleep, but one gazes at her face and Perseus would be a statue! So he looks at her harmless reflection in his shiny shield and beheads her. Victorious, Perseus flies off on winged sandals.

Father son relation

In Greek mythology, Zeus hate his father because he wants to kill is his son. Like Father Like Son Because Uranus was immortal, he couldn’t be killed, but he also couldn’t create life any more, which meant he simply remained as the embodiment of the sky. However, he did curse his son, vowing that Cronus would be undone by his own children just as he’d undone his dad. Understandably paranoid, Cronus resolved this issue by swallowing each of his babies as they were born. Little did he know, though, that his wife, Rhea, hid the last baby from him, giving him a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes instead. The baby in question was Zeus.

Facts about Prometheus

Prometheus was a Titan in the Greek mythology. He was in Cronus side and the wisest among the Titans and could apparently see the future. He knew Zeus would win and fought from his side when he fought Cronus. He is notorious for thinking himself to be smarter than the Gods and kept stealing from them. When he stole fire from the Gods and gave it to the mortals, he was caught and was punished by Zeus.

Scylla and Charybdis

Scylla – Scylla was a beautiful naiad. She was so beautiful and the god off sea Poseidon love his beauty. But his wife Amphitrite was so jealous she makes a poison and mixed in water where Scylla was going to bathe. After that, turned her into a six snakelike heads’ monster by poisoning the water of the spring where Scylla would bathe

Charybdis was the most famous monster in Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Poseidon. She used his power and curved 70% off the earth with water after that, Zeus was so anger with charbdis, and he made him a monster.Charybdis creates a deadly whirlpool. And eat the sailors

Athena defeated Poseidon to become the guardian of Athens

Athena and Poseidon both wanted to become the guardian of a certain city, so they decided to give a gift each to please the residents of the city. Poseidon gave them water in the form of a spring, but the water was salty and of no use. Athena gave them an olive tree which was much more useful as it gave food, oil and wood, and so she won and since then that city has been known as Athens.