How to Add Links to Instagram Stories with new Link Sticker?

In today’s world of technology and innovation, social media is becoming increasingly important. Digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok have millions of followers today. And the numbers keep increasing. With greater access to the internet with deals like Cox internet ultimate plans, social media is becoming even more relevant. A large number of people use spaces like Twitter and Instagram to share links to their work. Many brands use Instagram to promote and endorse their products. However, Add Links to Instagram stores can be a bit confusing for some. Here’s how you can easily do this.

Instagram’s previous Linking Feature

Previously, popular social media site, Instagram had a ‘swipe up’ feature that allowed exclusive users to add links to their stories. However, this option wasn’t available to all users. Only users with a large number of followers could avail this feature. Such members typically meant celebrities, influencers, or big brands and companies. With the swipe up feature, users would open a link by swiping up their screens. However, Instagram discontinued this feature a few months ago. Instead, it has introduced new features to replace it.

Add Links to Instagram with new Link Sticker

Instagram’s Swipe Up feature has been recently replaced by the new Link Sticker. With this feature, users can add external links to their stories. Through such links, users can easily promote and endorse various products and services on their profiles.

While the Swipe Up feature was more exclusive, this feature is available to a greater variety of users. Moreover, it allows increased creativity. You can also receive reactions and messages when you post a link. This way it’s easier for users to gauge responses. With the previous feature, responses weren’t possible.

Using the Link Sticker

The link stickers allow users to share and endorse any type of content they want. Even brands can share links to their products and services. To use this feature, you need to follow a number of steps.

First, you need to open the Instagram app and click on the plus sign that appears at the bottom. After this, choose the ‘Story’ option. Make sure you don’t click on either Post or Live. This can be confusing and can lead to errors. After choosing the correct option, you can now create any story you want on your profile. After this, click on the Sticker icon on the top. This will enable you to post any links you want. After you’ve copied your link, paste it to your story. And that’s it.

It’s important to remember that Instagram stories last only 24 hours. So, make sure the links you add are suited to a time limit. After you’ve posted your link, Instagram also allows you to keep a track of the metrics. This ensures click-through rate optimization.

Can Anybody Access the Instagram Link Sticker?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. Instagram has restricted this feature only to accounts with at least 10,000 followers or those that are verified. On Instagram. Recently, the social media platforms announced that it is contemplating making this feature available to everybody. But issues like security and cybercrime are making this decision harder. But there’s the good news. You can still use this feature even if you’re not verified with minimum of 10K followers.

How Anyone Can use the Link Sticker?

You don’t have to be verified to gain access to Instagram’s exciting new feature. Add links to any story you want to. Here’s how you can do this.

Go to the Instagram app and create or post a video with a time duration of 60 seconds. After this, come up with a title that signifies the link. When you’re done, you can paste the link in the caption on your post. Now, upload this video to IGTV. On your new video, you’ll be able to see a paper plane icon. Tap on it. This will allow you the option to add the video to your story. Now, click on the link icon on the top. Select +IGTV Video. Choose this along with the link you made. And you’re done.

Alternative Ways to use Links on Instagram

If you don’t want to go through the IGTV method of linking, you can always choose alternative methods.

Link in Bio

Instagram allows any user to add links to their bios. You don’t have to be verified or have a certain number of followers. All users have this option available to them. To promote any content, you can add the link to a certain website in your Instagram bio. Once you do this, you can upload a story informing your followers about this link. This way, they can click on it and your purpose will be fulfilled. In addition to this, you can also paste a number of links in your description through special tools.