Are Leptin Supplements good, When Trying to Lose Weight?

We all want to lose those extra pounds across the waistline or get rid of the double chin, and to our good fortune, there are so many weight-loss products in the market. One which is getting a lot of popularity recently is the leptin supplements. People have found them quite helpful in their pursuit to be the best version of themselves.

However, before we dug any deeper into, it is imperative to know about “Leptin”.

Released by the fat cells in adipose tissue, leptin is a body hormone that plays an integral role in the quest to lose weight.

The leptin hormones produced are directly linked with the amount of fat present in the body. When we are on a strict diet, the body’s fat reserves decreases, therefore, the leptin signal to the brain to trigger the production of hormones.

As the production soars, one’s appetite suddenly rises. However, you can lower the levels of the leptin hormone in a smooth manner by losing the body mass over a period of time. Thereby, it is highly advisable by doctors not to follow any crash diet, instead stick to a healthy diet plan and ideally lose half one pound per week.

High Levels of Leptin in the Body

Overweight or obese people generally have unexplained high levels of leptin in the body. This is because the brain doesn’t respond to the request of the leptin to cut down the production, and they keep on overeating to satisfy their appetite. The condition is similar to body resistance to insulin type-2 diabetes patients.

If you are overweight, and not getting any measurable results even after following a proper diet plan, speak to a dietician or a general physician about this. Often they will advise you to undergo the leptin test done using the human leptin ELISA kit that computes the urine and blood sample to determine the levels of leptin in the body.

Lower Levels of Leptin in the Body

One thing you also need to know is that the extremely low levels of leptin hormones, won’t let you have the perfect athlete’s body. Instead, this a genetic disorder that causes uncontrolled appetite in a child, and leads to severe obesity.

What Does the Leptin Supplements Do?

There are several health and fitness brands in the market, preparing the leptin pills. These pills are composed of a fusion of nutrients that are aimed at increasing the body sensitivity to the leptin. Some of the worth mentioning ingredients include the fish oil and the alpha-lipoic acid.

There are numerous studies done in the recent past over the benefits of the weight loss supplements, but still, there are no conclusive proofs in the favor or against.

But, when it comes to leptin and its connection with losing weight, you must make several effects to reduce the production of leptin. And, to lower the levels of leptin, improving the leptin sensitivity is medically the best way out, and this is what works for the Leptin supplements.

Final Takeaway

The leptin pills are marketed as a combination of a myriad of nutrients that affects the body’s sensitivity towards leptin, but further research is needed to prove that right.

The African mango, on the other, is highly beneficial in lowering the levels of these hormones in the body, but again more extensive research is required.

Before trying any weight loss supplements, make sure you consult your physician for an honest piece of advice with regards to the side effects in the short and long-term.