Things you Should know about the Futuristic Wind Energy

The wind is the power of the future. It is considered to become the third-largest sustainable energy source in the coming years. The wind farm careers are supposed to show a lot of promise in the near future. There have been several discussions and talks about wind energy across the world. While there are arguments about its efficiency, many benefits of this energy resource have been discovered. While the topic is hot and well-known, there are some myths and not so popular facts about wind energy. We present here this less-known information and helps you better understand the future of this sustainable energy source.

Steady, not strong wind is Helpful

You might wonder why wind farms are established in areas away from populations. The reason is, buildings and other obstacles break the steady flow of wind and create turbulence. This turbulence can significantly damage the turbine blades. Their lifespan is reduced which can add a considerable amount to your expenses. For the same reason, areas that are prone to abrupt wind gusts are not suitable for wind farms. The best place for the establishment is the one that has a constant and steady flow of wind. This makes seas and hills away from populated cities, the perfect place of choice.

Simple Physics

Wind farms operate on simple physics just like older windmills. The wind turns the blades of the turbine. A rotor attached to the turbine is turned by this motion and boost the speed of rotation. A generator converts this speed into electricity. The energy produced with this simple mechanism is inputted to a transformer which increases the charge voltage. This energy can be supplied on a large scale over the national grid network.

Wind Farms are Long-lasting

Wind farms are established for long-term services with robust turbines. These can last for nearly 25 years under tough conditions. Especially the offshore farms are made strong to withstand the corrosion and strong sea winds. A steel base is installed directly at the sea base. Massive cranes and extraordinary engineering are needed to create the tower and attach the rotor and blades. Water-proof high-quality cables are used to make connections to transformers and grids.

The wind is a type of Solar Energy

While many people would argue against this notion, there is simple basic science to prove it. Air is formed by different atmospheric pressure that is created due to the earth’s rotation and uneven heat that hits the ground. When warm air rises and the old air sinks, it creates wind gusts. When a uniform chain of these events is reached a constant flow of wind is achieved that spins the turbine.

Wind farms can boost marine Life

Many people doubt that the installation of wind farms would negatively affect the life of local sea creatures. However, scientists have shown that these benefit marine life. The solid foundation below these farms acts like artificial reefs. Small fishes can use these to protect themselves from trawlers. It can also be used by creatures like seashells for breeding.