Interesting Moral Stories for Kids age of Senior K.G Students

Naturally, kids hate advice. Parents can take a unique method to teach good morals and deeds by telling moral stories. Senior kindergarten kids are no exception for parents to tell them some moral stories. Moreover, parents can achieve the best bonding time in this busy world. Here are some moral Stories for Kids.

1. The Race that a Tortoise Can Win

There was a hare that lived in a jungle. He was a fast create, but he was so proud of his speed. One day, he saw an animal walking so slowly. He couldn’t resist mocking the tortoise. “Ha! You are such a slow animal!”

The tortoise said calmly, “So you are prideful with your speed?” Let’s determine who’s better with a race.”

Both of them had a race. The hare ran proudly very far and very fast. He turned back to see the condition of his opponent. The tortoise was slow and couldn’t match his swiftness. The hare considered, “He won’t get here soon enough. I will take a nap in the middle of race.”

The tortoise finally made up to pass the hare. All of a sudden, the hare woke up and found out that he might lose the race. He ran fast, but it was too late. The tortoise had passed the finish line. The hare was ashamed with this lost.

The moral of the story

  • You shouldn’t underestimate others.
  • Be steady to win everything.

2. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Danny was a poor boy. He was a shepherd who lived in a boring and small village. He took his sheep up a hill and let them eat all day. He would bring the flock down in the evening. Doing this kind of task, each day, made him bored. One day, Danny planned to trick the villagers. He yelled out on the hill, “Help! Wolf! A big wolf has appeared and is chasing my sheep!” The villagers came in rush hearing his scream. Danny was amused and he laughed aloud.

“I lied to all of you” he chuckled “Take a look, there’s no such a wolf.”

The villagers became angry and they scolded Danny. They warned him not to play this kind of trick anymore. Yet, Danny didn’t seem to learn from his mistake. Several days later, Danny became restless with his job. He decided to trick the villagers once again.

“A great wolf came!” Danny yelled.

The villagers were doubtful with it. However, they came as they still have no heart to ignore Danny. They rushed up to the place where Danny yelled. But again, there wasn’t a single wolf there! Danny laughed pretty hard knowing that his trick worked again. The villagers became so angry and went back down.

One day, Danny really saw a wolf coming up the hill and chasing his sheep. He couldn’t fight the wolf by himself and screamed. “I need help! It’s a real wolf and he’s hunting down my sheep!” He cried.

The villagers ignored him this time. No one came up for helping. All the sheep were gone and Danny cried badly. He didn’t go down in the evening and the villagers worried. They came up to the hill.

“The wolf really comes”, Danny cried. “No one came to help me and the sheep are gone!”

“It’s bad for you to trick us, Danny. No one believes you. This is what you get if you make us think that you are a big liar” said the villager.

“Yes, I regret everything. I won’t tell a lie anymore,” said Danny.

The moral of the story

  • It’s hard to earn people’s trust.
  • Don’t make the others think that you are a liar.

3. Overly Proud Lionel

Lionel the lion was a very arrogant lion. All animals in the jungle feared him. He often just attacked others, even when he was only bored. One day, frightened creatures in the jungle had a discussion.

“Lionel lion shouldn’t be the king here,” Lucy snake yelled. “We aren’t capable to fight Lionel,” wondered the others. “Lionel has an enormous strength and no one is able to bring him down. It seems that we should live with it. It’s bad that we are going to praise Lionel forever!”

Bunny the rabbit decided to overpower Lionel with his intelligence. He came up with a plan to give Lionel a lesson. The next day, Joan Monkey went to Lionel and said, “Oh my king! There’s no one can beat you. You are the king of the jungle. But you should know that Bunny rabbit says he has met someone that can beat you.”

Lionel lion roared with this news. He asked Joan to send Bunny rabbit to him. Later, the smart Bunny came up to Lionel.

“Hey you weak creature,” yelled Lionel. “You shouldn’t make a fuss about a lion that’s more powerful than me in here”.

Bunny said, “Well, you are very powerful my Lord. However, I just tell what I really saw. I met a great lion yesterday.”
Lionel fell in madness, “I want to fight this fool? I will beat this impudent animal! There is no lion mightier than me. You need to bring me to this lion.”

The smart Bunny took Lionel to a river. He then pointed to the river and said, “My king, I saw him wandering in this river.”

Lionel took a look into the water. He saw a lion in the water. He became made and saw his image roaring back at him. He forgot everything that he couldn’t swim as he was so angry. “How dare you challenging me. You will lose to me.” He attacked his own image and jumped in. Lionel Lion drowned.

Bunny rabbit brought the happy news of Lionel’s end to the others. The joys came in the jungle and all animals lived happily for the rest of the days.

The moral of the story

  • We can beat strength with intelligence.
  • It’s bad to be overly proud with your power.

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