What is the best Web Scraping Tool for Google Maps?

Google Maps has approximately 11 million businesses and hundreds of thousands more getting created each month. And while it’s tough to picture how much data Google Maps has, it’s easy to see there is a lot of business-to-business information on Google Maps to collect for.

But who has the time to extract all that data from Google Maps for b2b lead generation or b2b marketing? Manually looking for leads, collecting data, and turning it into a structured CSV or Excel format is time-consuming and a waste of valuable hours.

That’s where Google Maps data scraping tools come in.

In this post, we’ll show you what the Google Maps Business Data Extractor tool is, how to scrape data from Google Maps (safely and legally), and how it will drastically boost your lead generation efforts.

What exactly is Google Maps Data Extractor Software?

Instead, Google Maps Scraping tools will literally scrape the Google Maps data for you, collect business data you’re looking for on Google Maps, and then structure that data into an easy-to-understand format for the user.

Google Maps Data Extractor automates the whole process of data extraction from Google Maps. Meaning you can automatically find the best b2b leads from Google Maps (including all their publicly available information) and then use this to make your lead generation and marketing effort much faster.

Why do you need to Scrape Data from Google Maps?

Scraping the Google Maps for data is going to be helpful for your b2b business even if you belong to any industry or country.

For B2B businesses, focusing on Google Maps for data scraping will yield much better results. This platform is full of local businesses that make up targeted audiences in almost every B2B market. With almost 1 billion users, it’s a gold mine of business information to help you grow your business faster.

Scraping data from Google Maps gives you the opportunity to leverage all this data to create a tailored list of potential b2b leads with all the information you need to create effective outreach campaigns.

Extract Data from Google Maps to Excel with Google Map Extractor

Google Maps Contact Extractor is easily one of the best scraping tools available on the internet to extract data from Google Maps automatically with a click of a button. It extracts data for your targeted keywords and locations and arranges it in CSV files, Excel sheets, and Text files, depending on what works for you.

Searching, extracting, and exporting options, gives you great control over the type of information you target. It also saves your search history and updates according to the updates of Google Maps, which is a great bonus. The Google Maps Email Extractor has a built-in email search option that helps you to search for business emails from Google Maps business listing. If there is no email on a business listing then it searches for emails from the company website. The Google Maps Business Listing Scraper can scrape all the publicly available data from a business listing such as a phone number, email address, ratings, reviews, latitudes, images, description, business name, location, website link, etc.

The price for this tool is just 49.99$ for one month, but there is a free trial to get started with some limitations. With Google Maps Scraper, you get the opportunity to scrape data from Google Maps for any industry and country much easier than ever before, giving you time to focus on other marketing strategies.