Morning or Evening Workouts? – Either Way, Green Tea extract Works!

Some persons prefer to squeeze in a run in their early morning routine while others prefer to have a workout session in the cool of the evening. Most persons have a time scheduled for a workout at any time of the day but is there an optimum time for exercise, especially when looking to lose weight? For most persons, green tea extract is a great option, especially when looking to lose weight and combining this with exercise produces splendid results. However, many persons are undecided on the best time for exercise. To find out how timing affects your weight loss goals, we took the time to put up this article just for you.

Morning Workouts

Most persons are of the opinion that morning workouts are the best way to go about weight loss, and there are others who can’t stand the thought of getting up early for exercise. Exercising in the morning does have some benefits. A study from the University of New South Wales discovered that exercising in the morning just before breakfast is the best time for cardio aimed at weight loss, even exercising such as abs workouts. This may be because just before breakfast your body has to burn fat for fuel as your glycogen stores would have been depleted through the night of fasting. Also, exercising in the morning helps kick-start your metabolism and wake you up.

Also, the endorphins released from exercising at the crack of dawn gets you off to a positive day and keeps you aware mentally.

However, the downsides to morning exercises are usually related to the body’s temperature as it’s at its lowest at morning which means the muscles are colder and less flexible. Also, the energy level is low which increases the risk of injury and reduces the efficiency of the exercise.

Evening Workouts

While morning workouts do have their benefits, evidence suggests that late afternoons and early evenings are best for exercise. A study by ‘Sport’s Medicine’ revealed that exercise performance was best in the evening and they are best for high-intensity exercises such as weight training and intense aerobics. This could probably be because at this time of the day your muscles will be warm and ready to go.

Also by afternoon, the testosterone levels are higher which means you gain more muscles as testosterone has been shown to increase the development of muscles. Also, the fact that you will be at your physical peak by afternoon to evening means it will also be a great time for moderate cardio. However, some studies show that there is no real difference between morning and evening exercises when it comes to the level of stamina but it can be said that strength training and high-intensity exercises are best done in the late afternoons to evenings while aerobics are better in the morning.

The Summary

While morning and evening exercise have their advantages, the most important thing when looking to lose weight is to find a schedule which works for you and stick with it. Either time of exercising seems to work fine, depending on your eventual weight loss goals.

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