Rajo Festival – Banaste dakila Gaja, barasake thare aasichhi Rajo…

Rajo Festival - Banaste dakila Gaja, barasake thare aasichhi Rajo...

Among many wife’s of Lord Vishnu, VASUDHA is the Goddess Earth. After with VASUDHA lord Vishnu was called VASHUDEV. The lovely queen VASUDHA is the mother of all. She is the creator of Time & Nature. Yearly once like every women VASUDHA has her menstrual cycle. During this period for initial 3 days we do celebrate Rajo Festival. From Sanskrit words, Rajo & Bija are the two ornaments which brings generation. In case of a women after Raja (Menstrual Cycle) she get fertilize.

Rajo Sankranti is an interesting festival of Odisha. It comes in the month of June. After dry Summer when rainfall starts the Goddess Earth get wet. Looking into this, lovers of earth saying “Happy Rajo”. Raja festival is mainly for Farmers & Girls. The 3 days of this festival is popular as “PAHILI RAJO / SAJABAJA“, “RAJA SANKRANTI” & “VUMI SITALA / VASUMATI SNANA“.


The first day of Rajo Festival is called PAHILI RAJO. As a tradition in Raja girls & women visits their friends & relatives house. The cause Girls & women wears new Sarees, Dresses, Ornaments & alta. Few visits beauty parlor to make them more beautiful. That’s why PAHILI RAJO is also popular as SAJABAJA.

Starting from PAHILI RAJO for 3 days farmers not do farming. They believe during this period it is not good to ploughing field. To entertain more in Rajo they play several games like Ludo or Playing Cards.


The mid day of Rajo festival is called RAJO SANKRANTI. The real name of this SANKRANTI is “Mithun Sankranti“. In mid Rajo it was found peoples celebrate the day with Special Raja PODAPITHA & Chakuli Pitha. Additionally Mangoes are very common in Rajo. The most interesting thing of this festival is “DOLI”. Starting from Women to Girls all love play this. The gathering near to Rajo Doli brings an excitement to entertainment. Rajo helps to improve integrity & social relationship.


I think you get confused by hearing the term “VASUMATI SNANA”. VASUMATI is the rural name of VASUDHA. The last day of Rajo festival is called VASUMATI SNANA. According to mythology after menstrual cycle this is day when VASUDHA take bath. After Rajo earth get fertilize for farming.

Popular Rajo Song

Banaste dakila Gaja,
Barasake thare aasichhi Rajo.
Asichi Rajo lo,
Gheni nua Sajabaja.

Popular Foods of Rajo Festival

During Rajo Festival various Pitha’s are found in many families. The major Pitha’s are PODAPITHA & Chakuli Pitha. Including Pitha Raja PANA (Sweet betel) is one more popular dish of Rajo.

No matter how busy I am or where ever I stay whether it is in a metro or in abroad during Rajo Festival I always remember my village & their celebrations. Hope the day will come soon when I can again celebrate Rajo in my village.

Happy Rajo!