15 Famous Tourist place in Balasore Odisha – Balasore Tourism

Once a part ancient Kalinga, a territory of Koshale/Utkal, Balasore was ruled by Moghuls, Marathas & the British down the ages. It is believed that Balasore has got its name from the Persian word “Bala-E-Shore“. Which means the City on the Sea. Being named after king Baneswar, balasore is a historic place for freedom struggle, prajamandal andolan of Nilagiri, Oriya literary movement led by Fakirmohan Senapati & Radhnath Ray. Balasore, a major coastal district of odisha is full of scenic beauty, temples, fort, hills, tourist places & natural landscape. Being well connected by railway & road. Balasore, the sand city of Odisha is a fantastic place to enjoy & spend the holidays. Know few of the Famous Tourist place in Balasore, Odisha.

1. Baneswar Temple

According to mythology, Demon King Baneswar ruled over the ancient land between Nilagiri hills & the Bay of Bengal. Later this land was named after him. Balasore was said to be the Capital of King Baneswar. Further history says that baneswar was the presiding deity of the land & balasore was named after him. Even now Baneswar temple which is dedicated to lord Siva is found in old balasore & on the auspicious occasion of Maha Siva Ratri a large & crowded celebration is observed in the compound of the temple. It was built with marvelous stone carving works. It is a place of interest not only for tourists but also for historians & archeologists as well as those who love Balasore.

2. Khirochora Gopinath, Remuna (An Older Tourist place in Balasore)

According to popular mythology lord Gopinath stole KHIRI to feed a famished devotee who slept without any food during the night. There after he was called Khirochora Gopinath. Being an important seat of the Vashnavite Cult, the temple was visited by prabhu Sri Chaitanya & his teacher Madhabendra Puri. They offered their worship to Khirochora Gopinath. Now it is a popular Tourist destination & is visited by hundreds of devotees everyday. A specially prepared KHIRA, a sweet & delicious PRASAD of the temple is available to enjoy for the devotees. Remuna is also famous for Bronze utensils. It is well connected by Road & Rail. The nearest railway station is Balasore & the temple is about 10 km from Balasore town.

3. Jagannath Temple at Nilagiri

Next to Puri & Baripada, Nilagiri Jagannath Temple is famous for regular worship & a big car festival. Being situated at the foot of the Swarnachuda Hill on the side of the Nilagiri Royal Palace, the temple is visited by a large number of devotees & tourist everyday. All the customary functions & celebrations of lord Jagannath are found & observed in this temple. The delicious AVADA & KANIKA PRASAD of the Nilagiri Jagannath Temple is a must to enjoy. Further Nilagiri is famous for it’s delicious RASOGOLAS. It is well connected by road from Balasore & is around 23 km away from Balasore Town.

4. Panchalingeswar (Tourist place in Balasore related to Lord Siva)

Being situated in the green, verdant but tranquil environment of scenic beauty in the lap of the Nilagiri Hills, the five submerged Lingas of Lord Siva at Panchlingeswar is a sacred place for several devotees.

Everyday a large number of tourists & devotees are bathed in the cool & sparkling water of the brooks & hilly perennial streams. Legend reveals that this tranquil & beautiful abode of lord Siva was established by king Banasura. Because of its serenity & scenic beauty, it is a place of interest both for devotees & lovers of nature. Situated in the Shymasundarpur Grampanchayat of Nilagiri sub-division, the place is around 33 km away from Balasore & 10 km from Nilagiri. OTDC Panthnivas & several private cottages are available for the tourists for night stay.

5. Bhudharchandi Temple at Sajanagarh

Situated at the outskirt of the Devagiri Hills & on the Nilagiri-Udala road. Goddess Bhudharchandi was the presiding deity of the erstwhile Nilagiri state. The temple is situated close to the dance forests of the Kuldiha sanctuary. The scenic beauty of the place is enhanced by the Captivating green SAL jungles & natural water falls. Surrounded by Nilagiri Hills, the place was a military base of the erstwhile rulers of the then the Nilagiri state. As it was a GARH of the king of Nilagiri, the place is known as Sajanagarh. Being Well connected by road, the temple is about 28 km away from Balasore Town & can be easily approached by local buses, private taxies & auto-rickshaws. Delicious PRASAD of MAA Bhudharchandi is available for the devotees & tourists everyday.

6. Kuldiha wildlife Sanctuary

Kuldiha wildlife Sanctuary is a major tourist attraction for the lovers of nature, those who want to enjoy the serene beauty & tranquility of the green forest as well as the vibrant natural landscape. Around 20 km away from Nilagiri, the sanctuary is dotted with dams, natural water falls & hilly streams. The murmuring brooks, the green forests, the living wild animals & rare forest products attract a number of tourists & lovers of nature during November to June. The sanctuary is also a popular picnic spot to enjoy food sitting in the lap of natural beauty. It is approached by bus & private taxies. But prior permission from the authority is necessary to visit the sanctuary.

7. Chandipur Sea Beach

The beautiful Sea beach of Chandipur, the tranquil atmosphere of the sandy beach makes it different from all the others famous beaches of India. Therefore tourists from both home & abroad come to Chandipur to enjoy its panoramic beauty & receding water from miles together. One of the most popular tourist destinations of India, Chandipur occupies a place of prominence for its scenic beauty & graceful tranquility. Only 12 km away from the Balasore Town. Tourist can reach Chandipur both by rail & road. The nearest rail head is Balasore railway station & can be approached both by local private buses & taxies. Several private hotels & a panthnivas of OTDC are there to provide accommodations to the outside tourists.

8. Raibania Garh

Associated with the history of ancient Kalinga, Raibania is a place of historic importance for the students, historians & tourists. Famous for its fort, Raibania occupies a place in the history of the state. The presiding Goddess GADACHANDI (locally known as JAYACHANDI), the ruins of the ancient GARH attract many tourists for learning & pleasure. It is about 72 km away from Balasore Town & is approached by local buses & private taxies.

9. Langaleswar Siva Temple

Associated with myth that Lord Siva used to plough (LANGALA) the paddy field & the same plough is there, the place is named after Lord Langaleswar. Hundreds of Devotees come to worship lord Siva in the name of Langaleswar everyday. Maha Siva Ratri is celebrated with devotion & sanctity and a large number of devotees gather on the occasion. It is well connected with road & nearest railway station is Basta. Langaleswar is around 45 km from Balasore Town.

10. Jagannath Temple at Sraddhakhetra Baliapal

A newly built Jagannath Temple is a place of attraction for the tourists at Baliapal. The temple is popularly known as Sraddhakhetra & devotees come to offer worship to Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra & Goddess Subhadra everyday. Car festival is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm & devotion. It is about 60 km away from the Balasore Town.

11. Dagara Sea Beach

One of the best picnic spots of odisha, the beautiful sea beach at Dagara with blue sea & greenery, serene beauty & tranquility attracts tourists & lovers of nature. The captivating sandy beach of the Bay of Bengal & the red crabs bring joy & happiness. Tourists enjoy the beauty of the beach with fun & frolic, feast & flavor. This beach is the best place for them who want temporary relief from the monotonous boredom of material life. It is around 17 km away from Baliapal & 77 km away from Balasore.

12. Chandaneswar Siva Temple (A popular Tourist place in Balasore related to Lord Siva)

Being famous for the temple of lord Chandaneswar, this place is an important tourist attraction. Lord Siva is the presiding deity of the temple. A famous fair named as CHADAKA JATRA is celebrated during the last month of the Odia Calendar i.e the month of CHAITRA & a large number of devotees from Bengal, Bihar & Odisha gather to offer their worship to lord Chandaneswar. The place is 4 km away from DIGHA sea beach & very close to the beautiful beach at Talsari. Chandaneswar is known for variety of marine fish & cashew nut groves. It is around 85 km away from Balasore & well connected with road.

13. Talsari Sea Beach

Being a unique sea beach for the red crabs, Talsari beach is very famous for its beauty & serenity. A hot spot for the picnickers, the place is surrounded with cashew nut groves & mangroves. It is a fishing point & large number of boats & trawlers found on the beach.

14. Bhusandeswar Temple

The tallest Siva linga of ASIA, located at the mouth of the river Subarnarekha. Bhusandeswar Siva temple is a major tourist attraction for the people of both home & abroad. The tallest Siva linga is worshiped by hundreds of devotees everyday. Only 11 km away from Chandaneswar, the Bhusandeswar Siva temple is located in a tranquil surrounding. In fact it is a place of visit for every tourist.

15. Sunyamandap at Kupari

Kupari Sunyamandap is a famous Tourist place in Balasore. It is a sacred place of devotion of MAHIMA Cult, where devotees worship NIRAKAR SUNYA PURUSHA. A seat of ALEKH tradition this place was established by a saint who came to this place leaving all the pleasures of material life. The identity of the divine soul is yet to be traced. Ambika Udashin ASHRAM is another place of tourist attraction close to Sunyamandap.