How to increase productivity of a Software Developer?

Job of a Software developer getting billable in hours. In industry weekly 40 hours we sale to our Customers. It is appreciable if a employee render more than 40 hours job but it is not acceptable if he/she deliver less than 40 hours job a week. Due to several factors we lose productivity. Less productivity means business loss. Going forward it breaks business bonding. Let us discuss the key areas which can help you to increase productivity of a software developer.

Focus on Primary Skills

While assigning a job know well which category of job is well fit for which category of Employees. If you want to develop front-end of a web-page assign this job to a developer who has the primary skills HTML and CSS. If you are assign the same job to a C# developer he/she will take much time to Complete. Here productivity loses.

Maintain Speed of Computers

To develop a Software’s which tools (ex. MS Visual Studio) generally we use those takes high memory. During development a developers works in multi-tasking areas. In this time if System will go slow than there must be productivity loss. Keep your Systems faster and updated. Provide minimum 4 or 8 GB RAM. It was recorded viruses also makes our Computer slow. Install and stay updated with latest Anti-Virus packages.

Keep Silence in Lab

To develop a Software logics required. During development nearly all developer hates disturbance. To increase productivity maintain discipline & silence in-side Lab. It is much better if in work station you provide slow musics. Music effects freshness. More freshness in employee is directly propositional to more productivity.

Use benefits of Experience

Sometimes Critical Challenge comes on the way. Here take the benefits of experienced professionals. An experienced professional knows how to handle Critical stages. If you are assigning the same job to a fresher or UN-experienced professional he/she may not meet your expectations. In case they meet it will take more time, which is nothing but a direct approach to loss of productivity.

Motivate your Employees

Motivation is a hidden power which makes impossible to possible. Motivate your team players. Its good if you do it your own. Employees are your assets. It’s your responsibility to grab better productive hours from them.

Build a Strong Team

Good Team spirit helps to jump Critical stages. Depending upon your Company size and products create Teams. Quarterly do some Team building activities. Here you can take your team to dinner or can have a picnic party. Refer to lead management there are 2 categories of leads Soft and Hard. Depending upon your employees plan the type of lead your team required. A good team leader keeps bonding in team. Which is very useful for Corporate.

Award Key Players

Human is jealous by nature. Few personalities are there whom performs well after view his/her colleagues promotion. This is the cause we honor a personality. Quarterly once do awarded good team players. During you awarded them keep all the team available.

Old employees are Gold employees

A corporate run over experiences. An old employee takes less time to understood or complete a job. When a new employee may required training’s or certification’s. In minimum always try to maintain 50% old employees in yoru Organization.