Rules behind use of Articles in English Grammar with Examples

Use of Articles in English Grammar is very Common. Articles of English Grammar are A, An and The. It was noticed many students or even experienced professionals do mistake when using Articles. Looking into this here with we are sharing some of the rules with examples to use Articles in English Grammar.

Use of Articles in English Grammar

A and An are indefinite articles that means they refer to any member in a group and refer only to the singular of the noun.

  • A+ singular noun starting with Consonant: a boy.
  • An+ singular noun starting with vowel: an apple.
  • A+ singular noun starting with Consonant sound: a useful (Yoose full) book.

When a noun gets modified by an adjective then use the article based on the initial sound of the adjective used.

  • A broken eggshell.
  • An enthusiastic business man.

The – Definite article is used before both singular and plural nouns which is specific a particular member of a group.

  • A Car / The Car.
  • The books / The Glasses.

Do not use The with uncountable nouns when they refer to something in general.

  • Lemon tea is popular in the South.
  • Chinese was hi Mother tongue.

However when they are made specific by using a clause then go ahead with the article.

Ex. The Coffee in my cup is Cold.

Avoid the use of the in these Cases

Avoid using The for Names of Countries, Streets, Lakes and Bays, Mountain, Continents or Islands.


  • Japan was hit by a tsunami.
  • Lake Michigan is near my Home.
  • ASIA is a large Continent of the World.
  • I am going too Easter Island this summer.

Use The in these Case

Here I am listing what are the cases where you can use The. Name of the River, Oceans seas, geographical areas, deserts, forests, gulfs or peninsulas.


  • The Nile is dirty and polluted.
  • The Pacific Ocean was my learning ground.
  • The middle east has been facing a lot of problems.
  • The Persian gulf was widely used by traders.
  • The Indian peninsula has a distinct advantage.
  • The Sahara desert is too wide to Cover a day.

Where to Omit use of Articles?

While you are using Names of Languages, Nationality, Sports and Academic Subjects don’t ever use the article The.


  • French is a difficult language.
  • Germans love Sausages.
  • Volleyball is not a popular game of India.
  • Social studies was my favorite subject in College.