Proven Health Benefits of Playing Outdoor Games

No one can deny that due to this digital lifestyle and modern habits we are not focusing on our health. When it comes to talking about health we should take physical as well as mental health into account. Both the aspects are equally important for a healthy body. There are several activities that may be helpful in developing a disease free and healthy body. Some of them are Yoga, Gymnastics, Jogging, Exercises, Dancing, but the king among them is to play outdoor games.

Playing outdoor games comprises running, jumping, and other physical activities that are required. Here we are going to provide you with a detailed guide regarding some proven benefits of playing outdoor games.

1. Benefits of Muscles and Skin

While playing any outdoor games such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, etc a lot of muscular involvement is witnessed. Due to this muscular involvement, our muscle threads break and with the help of proper diet and healing, we can improve muscular strength.

According to research by gaming freak, at least 30 minutes of muscular workout is required for and for proper working of the body. Playing games for at least half an hour helps in reducing the cholesterol levels, sugar levels in our body and boosts the immune system which protects the body from diseases.

Not only does it improve muscular strength, but such games are also helpful in detoxifying our skin as a lot of sweat is generated while playing these games. This process is helpful in getting rid of obesity which is a big issue among the youth. In our recommendation, you must play at least 30 minutes daily to improve muscular strength and detoxifying the skin. In case you are unable to play outdoor games then you should go for a jogging daily to get similar benefits.

2. Relaxes the Mind

In this digital lifestyle, due to increased use of smartphones and computers, people are obsessed with these devices. These devices and the internet are helpful for us but in some aspects these developments harm us. Stress and depression are common problems in this era and to some extent, increased use of smartphones and computers are responsible for this.

Due to workload the adults remain stressed every time which affects their mental health. According to research, nearly 87% of adults who play outdoor games with friends are not facing stress and depression issues. After these results, doctors recommend playing outdoor games as they stimulate our mind and reduce stress. Fresh thoughts and positive vibes are generated in our mind which makes us happy.

Some other reasons to play outdoor games is that the hormones in our body get balanced and dopamine hormone is released. This leads to a proper mental growth and sharpens the mind. The other way to relieve stress other than games is meditation. In case you are unable to play games, you should perform meditation for all mental benefits.

3. Improves Learning and Social connectivity

By playing outdoor games the children can learn a lot about the society, environment and people. It becomes a great opportunity when children visit parks and play in a natural environment. Playing outdoor games improves social connectivity as the children find new friends and interact with new people.

Parents can encourage children to play word games, quiz games related to their studies which may help in learning. Not only social connectivity, but playing games also help in building a good personality and developing a positive attitude. Both these are helpful for them in building their career.

Other Benefits

There are a number of benefits of playing outdoor games such as:

1. Improves understanding

2. Mental Fitness

3. Improve love for nature and friends

4. Better Skills

5. Development of positive attitude

6. Boosts creativity

7. Improves vision

Outdoor games vs Online Games

Online games are also a great choice as they have a lot of benefits. Online games help in improving quick decision making abilities, improves concentration and develops social connectivity. These games are full of entertainment and craze, but also may be harmful if played for a long time.

One can play online games if only improvement in mental health is required. The most important fact about online games is that these games do not provide any health benefits, only they are helpful in improving mental health.

In our recommendation you must step out daily and try to play outdoor games including Cricket, Hockey, Football, Badminton, Tennis, etc. These games will be more beneficial than online games and provide you health benefits.


All the benefits of playing outdoor games provided here are proven in scientific studies. The parents should encourage their children to step out and play outdoor games to build up their personality and attitude. You can share this guide with your friends who need to know these benefits of playing outdoor games.