The Coolest Beach Club in the Hamburg Location

A Coolest Beach Club differs from a beach in that it provides more comfort and convenience. It’s a luxurious way to enjoy the beach. A place to unwind and forget about your daily routine, where it’s all about living in the moment and soaking up the sea, sand, and sun. It’s about being treated like a royal or queen, resting in a luxurious bed and receiving everything you need, from a glass of Prosecco to a delicious supper. It’s a spot where you can get everything you want, whether it’s a relaxing day or listening to excellent music with sand between your toes while drinking drinks and watching the sunset.

You can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with the help of a beach club. A location you don’t want to leave and don’t have to leave for the entire day since they offer everything you need: changing rooms, baths, restaurant, bar and occasionally even transportation.

Beach Golf is a Sandy Game

Beach golf is a kind of golf that is mostly played on sandy beaches. It was designed to be a simpler and more approachable version of golf.
The game is played over a distance of roughly 2 kilometres, with the participants, two per team, attempting to reach the last hole with as few strokes as possible, using a soft polyurethane ball and a traditional golf club.

It is a two-round stroke-game competition. There are two types of balls utilised: a soft rubber ball that is completely harmless (69 mm in diameter) that is used along the track and a normal one on the green. There is no time constraint. Players are permitted to take a lunch break; however, teams must adhere to the allocated beginning time.

The game takes place on the beach over a 2-kilometer stretch of sandy shoreline, where 40 teams of two players (a pro and a beginner) compete to reach the last hole with the fewest strokes possible. The game-track is borderless and interrupted with beach umbrellas and bathers, which serve as natural impediments throughout the tournament.Because of the packed environment in which the event is held, the ball used is constructed of soft polyurethane foam to protect those who are unintentionally hit during the game. The path is accompanied by music and entertainment that engages the audience in a unique way, encouraging them to participate in the game. The golfer beach’s range is surrounded by a 5 metre protective zone, with three females on the way to assist you during the game.

One player on each team has a low handicap, the other has a large handicap, and the two teams compete against each other. The total of the two handicaps is divided roughly to the next lower (e.g., mean 17.5, team is hcp 17), and this is the team’s handicap, which shows how many improvements can benefit the team. Each turn, only one beaten ball is used in the game. It is acknowledged that the one substitutes the other in the event that you lose stroke and distance. Penalty: loss of stroke and distance.

Are you a fan of the sport? Or do you like playing the sport leisurely? Then Golf Lounge Hamburg is the ideal destination for you. Sit back and relax with a few golf options.

Why bother looking into the distance? In the midst of Hamburg, there is an alternative to Malle or Sylt: sand and beach are only a few minutes away from your front door. You may play challenges with the groom/bride in the Golf Lounge till sunset and start the evening with a Carlsberg or Prosecco. In the meantime, from a deck chair (with your feet in the sand), give the lucky one some last-minute wedding advice… and try out golf on the side – fantastic.

Whether it’s after work, on a weekend vacation, or simply for a drink. In the summer, Golf Lounge Hamburg’s beach club on the Elbe with Elbalm is open daily and provides a great contrast to everyday living with a breeze of golf. The adjacent mini golf course “9-Hole Pirates Course” is an ideal challenge for young and elderly alike to play the next drink.

1. The best beach sands

2. With an adjacent mini-golf course

3. Admission is free and open every day.

4. Menu of Food and Drinks

5. Snack options

6. Entry is FREE for both; young and old.

It’s not a place to escape life, but rather to make sure you don’t miss out on it. if you are looking for Beachclub in Hamburg.