List for Currency of different Countries and their Units

Using Currency exchange method you can use your country Currency in an another Country. For an example Dollars can convert to Rupees in India. In below I am with the list for Currency of different Countries and their Units.

From the never ending Chapter of World Economy Currencies & their Units appears in the first page. As you know there are several countries located in the Globe. To make transactions easier every country has its own defined Currency. Globally according to the economy, population & availability of golds make up or down in Currencies value. To easily locate the Country & its Currency name you can use CTRL + F to Search.

Currency of different Countries

Country Currency Units
Argentina Peso 100 Centavos
Australia Dollar 100 Cents
Austria Schilling 100 Groschen
Belgium / Luxembourg Franc 100 Centimes
Brazil Cruzerio 100 Centavos
Bulgaria Lev 100 Stotikni
Canada Dollar 100 Cents
Czech & Slovak Koruna 100 Haleru
Denmark Krone 100 Ore
European Union Euro 100 Cents
Finland Markka 100 Pennia
France Franc 100 Centimes
Germany Deutshemark 100 Pfenning
Greece Drachma 100 Lepta
Hong Kong Dollar 100 Cents
Hungary Forint 100 Filler
India Rupee 100 Paise
Indonesia Rupiah 100 Sen
Iran Rial 100 Dinars
Ireland Pound 100 Pence
Isreal Pound 100 Agorot
Japan Yen 1 Yen
Korea Won 100 Jeon
Kuwait Kuwait Dinar 1,000 Fils
Libya Libyan Dinar 1,000 Dirhams
Malaysia Ringgit 100 Cents
Mexico Peso 100 Centavos
Netherlands Guilder 100 Cents
New Zealand Dollar 100 Cents
Nigeria Naira 100 Kobo
Norway Krone 100 Ore
Philippines Peso 100 Centavos
Poland Zloty 100 Groszy
Portugal Escudo 100 Centavos
Romania Leu 100 Bani
Soudi Arabia Riyal 100 Halalas
Singapore Dollar 100 Cents
Spain Peseta 100 Centimos
Sweden Krone 100 0re
Switzerland Franc 100 Centimos
Turkey Lira 100 Kuru
United Kingdom Pound 100 Pence
U.S.A Dollar 100 Cents
Russia Roubel 100 Copecks
Venezuela Bolivar 100 Centimos
Yugoslavia New Dinar 100 Paras