Benefits of an Extended Stay Hotel – Furnished like a House

Extended stay hotels offer a number of benefits over other short term rental options.

But first, before we dive too deeply into them—let’s define the term.

An extended-stay hotel is technically a hotel that’s equipped for long-term stays for visitors.

Not only are they equipped with all of the basic amenities required to make an extended stay (generally 30 days or more) comfortable, but they also provide package deals to make such stays more affordable than it would cost to rent a ‘regular’ hotel night by night for such a prolonged period of time.

Alright. Now that we’ve defined the term, let’s dive in and talk about some of the primary benefits that extended stay hotels have to offer.

1. They’re Furnished Nicely

One of the best things about extended stay hotels is that they feel like a nice hotel room.

They’re outfitted with basic furniture, provide a bed, and sometimes even provide you with some limited kitchen space.

Now, keep in mind that not all extended stay hotels are furnished like a house.

Many of them still tend to ‘feel like a hotel’.

But hey. If you love hotels, what’s not to love about a prolonged stay in a nice one?

2. They’re Affordable

Since you’re booking rooms at extended-stay hotels for an extended period of time, they tend to be pretty affordable.

In fact, you can find some pretty good deals on these types of rooms.

Now, prices range depending on where you’re traveling to, and based on how many stars the hotel boasts.

But rest assured that if you’re looking for a good deal, you’re likely to find it—especially if you’re going to be traveling to a larger city with plenty of extended stay hotel options.

3. They Include a Whole Range of Amenities

Since extended stay hoteliers know that you’re going to be staying for an extended duration, they generally make sure that you’ve got everything you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Hotel Engine, in a post published on their blog, explains some examples of extended-stay amenities as such:

Extended-stay hotels are usually labeled as such because they provide the type of amenities and perks that help guests feel at home for several weeks or months”.

Here are some examples of amenities that an extended-stay hotel might provide:

1. Guest laundry facilities

2. Television

3. Fully furnished rooms

4. Built-in kitchens (with stoves and other appliances)

5. Multi-room suites

Once again, keep in mind that every hotel will vary.

The best way to figure out exactly what they offer is to either browse their website, or to call them up and just ask.

4. They Often Offer Complimentary Services

Since extended stay visitors can sometimes be busy work travelers from out of town, these specific types of hotels generally offer a range of super-helpful complimentary services.

Some examples include things like:

1. Laundry services

2. Shuttle services

3. Linen services/maid services

4. WiFi

Of course, not all extended stay hotels offer things like laundry service, housekeeping, or a shuttle service.

It really all depends on exactly which hotel you choose to stay in.

But if you book the right one, you can generally enjoy quite a few complimentary services.

5. They’re Pretty Easy to Find in Large Cities

If you plan to travel to a rather dense or busy metropolitan area, then you’ll likely have zero trouble locating an awesome range of extended stay hotel options to consider.

On another note, however—these types of hotels can sometimes be tougher to find in more rural areas.

That’s one of their downsides.

Since there’s not always a huge demand for them in all geographic locales, they don’t tend to be a ‘mainstay’ in absolutely every city in the United States (like regular hotel chains are).


These 5 benefits should pretty well explain why extended stay hotels are so awesome.

Of course, it all depends on your situation.

But if you need to stay in one location for a prolonged period of time (more than a few weeks), then a hotel like this could be a great option.

You may save some money, while also gaining the ability to lay your head down at night in a comfortable hotel bed—with complimentary cable, WiFi, and possibly a kitchenette to boot!

Not a bad deal, right?