11 Things not to do before Booking a Hotel your next Trip

A comfortable and satisfying stay in your chosen hotel can make or break your vacation. That’s why it’s very important to check for certain things before booking a hotel. Whether you are booking hotels through your travel agent, online or in person, there are a few important matters that you always need to ensure before going ahead. Price is just one of them.

If you are always on-the-go and your life is filled with a lot of hotel stays, or if you are on a steep budget for your vacation, it is natural to look for cheaper prices. Always look for ongoing hotels offers before booking. After all, who doesn’t like to get pampered in a hi-fi hotel without burning a hole in the pocket? However, apart from prices, there are several other factors that you should be careful of. Here is a list of 11 things that you should not ignore before booking a hotel for your next vacation or work trip.

Don’t forget your best friend: The Google Map

The location of your hotel is a prime factor that you need to consider seriously before booking. Often hotels describe their locations vaguely by saying things like “at the heart of the city”, but in reality, you find yourself beside a very busy street or in the middle of a shopping center which, being very busy places disrupts your peace from all the sound pollution. It’s always a better idea to physically check out your hotel, but if not possible, check out the location on Google Map thoroughly and make sure about its surroundings.

Don’t ignore the hotel’s reputation

If your preferred hotel is part of a hotel chain, then it’s easier for you to be aware of the hotel’s reputation. If not, well, a little snooping on the internet might give you some idea. Checking out hotels offers before booking is also recommended.

Don’t skip reading User Reviews on travel websites

Reading User Reviews online also comes handy when you are in a hurry. Don’t blindly trust on one or two user’s words though. Check out at least a dozen, look into photographs uploaded by users and search for clues like a spider in a corner, or a dirty spot around the wash basin… I don’t want to go all OCD, but you get the idea, right?

Don’t forget to ask about Check-in and Check-out time

To make sure you don’t have to wait around, don’t forget to inquire about the Check-in time. You should know about the Check-out time too, or the hotel might charge you for a full day for an extra couple of hours because you failed to Check-out on time.

Don’t ignore the basic criteria of a decent hotel stay- the small things

Cleanliness is absolutely essential for a comfortable and enjoyable hotel stay. You don’t want stinky smell coming from under the stairs or piles of garbage in the corner of the lobby. A cozy and soft bed is also what you should look for. Also, the behavior of the hotel staff is what you don’t really think about beforehand, but it’s the thing that creates a lasting impression on you. A hotel with friendly staffs will always be occupied.

Don’t forget to inquire about complimentary services

Complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, shuttle to and from the airport and other services and their charges vary from hotel to hotel. So before booking, ask about these things. Your hotel might include these charges in the tariff itself or can charge for them separately. In either case, being knowledgeable will save you bucks and help enjoy a wholesome stay.

Don’t be ignorant about hotel amenities and special features

You came back from a holiday and hear your friend say “Oh you stayed in that hotel? Isn’t the garden just lovely to hang out in?” and you kept thinking you didn’t even know there was a garden in your hotel! Same goes for pools or five-star restaurants. So before selecting a hotel, visit the hotel’s website and know about all their special features to save you the disappointment later. On special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’ll find lots of hotels offers ongoing, offering special treats like this for free.

Don’t forget to find out about in-room services

When you are in a holiday, you might just fell like putting on your pajamas and lay on the bed all day. An in-room minibar or food delivered to your room will feel awesome for such occasions.

Don’t fail to ask about Shuttle arrangements to tourist spots

If you are visiting a new city for the first time and are unaware of the available public transport systems/ cab rental services, shuttle from hotels will come in handy. Most of the times, hotels have their own shuttle services to popular tourist spots. In case they don’t, most hotels happily arrange for transportation for guests on request. You just have to ask for it really!

Don’t be afraid of bargaining a good deal

Yes, you can ask the hotel for a better offer. It’s neither unethical not inappropriate. Also, ask about ongoing hotels offers or discount/ upgrade for special occasions. When you tactfully pass on the information to them that you are on your honeymoon, be almost sure, chances are they will offer you an upgrade for the same price, or a nice discount on one of their honeymoon suits!

Don’t be lazy- Join the rewards program

Signing up for your hotel’s rewards program is a good option. By redeeming the loyalty points, you will get attractive discounts or some pretty lovely complimentary services on your future visits. Believe it or not, loyalty programs are really beneficial, especially if you go on to business tours a lot.

So now you know all the things not to do before booking a hotel. Being informed beforehand your hotel’s services, amenities and reputation, as well as the best ongoing prices and discounts will save you money and also make your stay a memorable one. For best ongoing and upcoming hotels offers keep visiting us regularly. We wish you a lovely hotel time!