Serviced Office – Find your Satisfactory Business Space with us

Instant possession, readily available administrative and IT support, all-inclusive rent, and flexible rent agreements are some of the features that make businesses opt for serviced offices for their operations. In the current scenario, they are in demand like never before. If you are looking for a Business Space in Perth, here is a guide that will answer all your queries.

Definition of Serviced Office

Serviced Offices for Rent in Perth are fully functional Business Space where you can begin operations from the day you move in. Another company runs all the logistics like utilities, day-to-day logistics and bills. Therefore, you can operate without worrying about things like appointing reception staff or setting up internet facilities.

A Perth serviced office would offer a lot more flexibility than a conventional office space. It would have shorter-term contracts which can be a few months rather than a few years that a usual rental office space offers. This is especially beneficial for businesses that have just begun their operations and are testing waters.

From private office suites to fixed desks or hot desks in a shared space, a serviced office suits small and large organizations.

Types of Businesses that find Service Offices Beneficial

Due to the flexibility and choices it offers, a Serviced Office in Perth can be useful for any enterprise regardless of its team strength. Let us look into this in detail.

1. Scale-ups

Earlier, a growing business often confronted issues like running out of space or paying for spaces they don’t currently require. The serviced offices in Perth offer flexible packages that allow a company to avail of and pay for space when they require it.

2. Startups

Startups in Perth benefit the most from serviced offices. Earlier, the tenants needed to commit to office space for five to ten years. These proved to be a burden for new businesses. Serviced offices offer monthly rental contracts that are great for business owners who are just venturing out without any fixed long-term plan or capital for investment in place.

These serviced office spaces take away the hassles of managing the office daily in exchange for an all-included fee, and the new business owner can focus on building the business.

3. Corporates And SMEs

Even larger companies in Perth find serviced offices useful. Many corporate organizations and SMEs often need space from where their temporary teams can operate; they might also require innovation hubs for upcoming ventures. This is where a serviced Business Space comes into play.

Serviced Offices Benefits

Minimum Hassle – Private offices have a lot of maintenance demands that are often laborious. A serviced office space is managed by another company saving you time and money.

Easy Budgeting – As all the maintenance and other charges are taken care of with an all-included monthly fee, you would not encounter any unexpected expenses. This will make your budgeting easy.

Flexible Contracts – Whether you want the office space for a month or a year, serviced offices offer you options for all, with renewable contracts. You won’t be tied down with a long-term, fixed contract.

Top-notch Facilities – A serviced office in Perth might provide you with luxury facilities like gyms, event spaces, and baristas which might not be available with businesses. These become useful for retaining talents or organizing events and conferences.

Facilities Offered in Serviced Offices

As a part of your all-included office rent, quality serviced offices in Perth will provide you with the fundamental requirements of your office space. These can be:

Furniture, Tea and coffee-making facilities, Fully-stocked kitchens, Printers and photocopiers, High-speed internet, Audio-visual equipment, Security staff, Housekeeping services and Mail services.

You might also access luxury amenities that might be a part of the rent package, or you can pay as you use them. These can be:

Stationery supplies, Reception staff, Telephone answering services, Meeting or conference rooms, Breakout spaces, Gym facilities, Unique event spaces, Roof terraces, Fitness classes, Shower rooms, Childcare facilities, Bike storage, Travel services, Games Facilities like pool tables, table tennis and table football.

Expenses of Renting a Serviced Office Space

Many business owners in Perth worry that serviced offices are more expensive when compared to a traditional office space. However, once you consider all the savings that a serviced office space will allow you to make, you will find serviced office spaces are, in fact, more cost-effective.

The serviced office provider takes care of bills like internet, electricity, appliances, insurance, and local authority charges. They also provide extra luxury facilities. Studies have found out that serviced offices can cut down business costs by up to 78% instead of self-managed offices.

Usually, serviced offices are licensed and not leased. Business owners get to bypass any expensive solicitor fee. As mentioned before, the businesses also don’t need to pay for space they don’t require. They can also rent extra space whenever they need it.

Most reputed serviced office providers charge a flat fee for a desk or by the square foot. A small business can rent desks, and businesses with larger teams can go for office space as per the area they require.

Therefore, in the long run, serviced office spaces are more affordable for businesses in Perth.

Minimum Period in a Serviced Office

Generally, you will have the flexibility to start with a month’s contract and add on as you go. This will allow you to move if you need or rent more or less space as per the requirement of your business. You are not tied down with a super long-term contract.

Find the Serviced Office Space Satisfactory for your Business

Whether co-working at a hot desk suits you or you want private office space for rent, CBD offices in Perth are fully equipped to host you. From high-speed Wi-Fi to Furniture and Reception and housekeeping staff, we take care of it all so that you can focus on growing your business.

Our expert in-house advisors are just a call away to understand what would work best for your business and offer a package tailor-made just for you.