Facilities wise differences between Hotel and Guest House

Hotels and guest houses are actually two types of lodging in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca that are built or made to serve their visitors. Although both terms are used for a means of residence yet both of them differ in more than one way from each other. If you travel 10 to 12 times in a Year then its healthy for you to know the difference between stay in Hotel and Guest House.

Facilities and Services

Hotel – A Hotel is an accommodation space that offers multiple facilities to its customers. Apart from well-furnished rooms, some high tier hotels may feature five start utilities such as breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet, a separate staff to serve individual clients, etc.

Guest House – On the other hand, a guest house is a diverse kind of housing space while differing in several ways from a hotel. A guest house as the name suggests is a house or a part of a house that is rented to a visitor/guest and provides a completely different vibe. It is smaller compared to a hotel and contains fewer rooms. It can be a part of someone’s house or a completely separate house built just for the purpose of renting though, its rooms can be well-furnished just like any hotel.

Accommodation and Rates

A guest house is a relatively inexpensive space and offers personalized attention to its customer especially when it is a part of some residence. It can offer facilities such as healthy and homemade food, washing/drying facilities, and most of all a feel-home environment. Vista Verde Guest House also offers Yoga Classes and Yoga Retreat. A guest room may also have a common room where social meetings can take place between the owner and visitors.

While hotels might feel luxurious with their comfy rooms and services, they will always lack one thing which is homely vibes. This is where guest houses outshine those hotels as a person may find much more of a familiar environment because of its simplicity, freedom, and quietness.

Hotels, in general, provide more or less the same feeling when it comes to their rooms. The same tight 4×4 environment may just be too much for some people. Alternatively, a guest house offers utilities that can roughly be the same as one’s home. Moreover, a personalized service if available will always be there to assist you in a guest house.

Another fact that some people may find more interesting than others is the inexpensiveness of a guest house. A hotel room will cost you tens to hundreds of dollars per night depending upon the rank of the hotel. Instead, a guest house tends to be cheaper and one can actually spend that extra money on other meaningful activities.

What should I chose?

So, coming back to the point, which one should a person choose between a guest house or a hotel in Puerto Viejo? As stated before, it depends upon certain facts. If you want to chase luxury and pompous living style while also staying conservative, then obviously a hotel is the best choice for you. You will also find the best in class meals, and general facilities there. But if you are looking to spend your away time quietly, then it cannot get better than a guest house. The more independent, natural, simple yet adventurous life of a guest house is the best shot for someone who is chasing both calmness and cheapness in one package.