Panerai Watchesmakers a Brand that is Evolving Over Time

The watchmaker company started in the year 1860 in Ponte Alle Grazie, located in Florence. The founder of the company was named Giovanni Panerai. Giovanni’s shop was not just open for selling and for making watches, but it was also the first school for creating clocks. The history of the Panerai Watchesmakers started here.

In the later years of Panerai, it moved to a new location in Palazzo Archivescoville, located in Piazza San Giovanni. The watchmakers also changed their name in the early years of the twenty century into “Orologeria Svizzera.”

The Radiomir of Panerai

The Panerai watchmakers have been supplying the Royal Italian Navy Panerai Watches for a couple of years. But in 1916, the founder created Radiomir to meet the Royal Italian Navy military needs at that time.

The Radiomir is a powder that is from radium. Its purpose is to give luminosity to the dials of the timepieces. The visibility and outstanding adhesive qualities underwater make this material a foundation for the Panerai timepieces. The Radiomir was the first to blemish the innovation history of Panerai.

Panerai watchmakers created the prototype of Radiomir on the eve of World War Two. The Radiomir was for the Royal Italian Navy frogman commandos commanding the first submarine group.

The modern Radiomar still has the features of the old prototype. It includes a large steel case with a cushion shape and is 47mm. The indices and numerals are also luminescent; the wire lugs were weld on its subject. Again, it uses hand-wound mechanical movement; lastly, it possesses a water-resistant strap.

The Radiomir timepiece production that comes with the features in 1936 was released two years later. For the Panerai watchmakers to incorporate the functions in the prototype, the founder Giovanni made tons of transformation, and he then started to create the latest Radiomir.

The latest Radiomir uses plates overlapping for its dial—making its radium paint much luminescent and much easier to read. They pierce the numerals and indices in the upper part of the Radiomir; they made the wire lugs much more resistant; the Panerai also incorporated metal bars folded on both sides and welded in the case.

In the 1940s, the Royal Italian Navy became much more specific about their timepieces requirements. The timepieces should be water-resistance and remain underwater for a much longer time, whatever the condition is.

The Luminor as a replacement to the Radiomir

In the year 1949, the month of January eleventh, a new self-luminous substance was known, and it was called the Luminor. It replaced the paste that was radium base. It was tritium or hydrogen isotope-based.

In 1950 Panerai completed the transition from Radiomar to the newest Luminor. The technical research of the Panerai that started at the start of world war two continues. It was leading up to the development of the Panerai Luminor.

The Luminor features a crown-protected bridge, a much-enhanced wire lug with the material the case uses, an issue that was shaped like a cushion the same as the Radiomir 1940. Lastly, it also features a broader bezel that was flat. Today the timepieces that possess this type of case are known to be the Luminor 1950.

The well known Panerai timepieces of all Time

It is well known in history that the Panerai watchmakers are well-established watchmakers supplying the Royal Italian Navy timepieces. It was in 1936 when Panerai watchmakers introduced the Panerai Radiomir.

The Panerai Radiomir continues to innovate accurate timepieces to deliver excellent quality timepieces for the Royal Italian Navy. The Radiomir features an extraordinary luminosity made from the powder that was a radium base. Radiomir is used to illuminate the dials of the timepieces.

A new Radiomir was released in the market in 1938; the unique Radiomir offers a feature that became a signature for the Radiomir. It was called the sandwich dial. Instead of attaching the hour markers into its dial, they overlap the plates in the newer Radiomir, and they made the bottom layer luminescent radium.

Panerai Luminor was released in 1949. They built these timepieces from their robust foundation of luminescence. The watches had an improved luminous that was tritium base. This material was the replacement for the radium base materials in the clock Radiomir.

Panerai watchmakers introduced the Panerai Luminor Marina in the year 1997; this timepiece was a part of the first-ever collection of the Panerai after the Richemont Group bought their company. It was a paying tribute to the original Luminor design. It comes with newer features that fit the modern style.


The Panerai watches are perfect for those who love timepieces. With the unique cases it has, it will surely catch their hearts. The clocks of Panerai are also respectable. They also update the watches they have from time to time to fit the modern style.