Why Ethnic Wool Scarves are back in Fashion in the US?

It was in the early part of the 19th-century when the humble scarf burst into the fashion scene and established itself as a sophisticated glamour accessory. In the US, wool scarves became particularly popular due to their dual advantage of providing warmth and modish charm. But, with evolving fashion trends, the wool scarf went through a lull period before it started climbing back into the fashion charts once more. Today, ethnic wool scarves are becoming all the rage in the US and how! Let’s take a look at why ethnic wool scarves are back in fashion in the US.


From being a functional clothing accessory to a finishing piece, ethnic wool scarves tick the boxes for all these and more. In a country like the US, where winters are harsh and unforgiving, wool scarves are a means of comfort that doesn’t compromise on the style aspects. If anything, they help to accentuate your sense of fashion and take it to the next level. The Weavers Villa Women’s Wool Shawl in Black is a case in point. Featuring an embroidered look, this ethnic scarf is what you need to keep you going strong on both, fashion and comfort. It is the versatility quotient of the garment that enhances its appeal and makes for a great choice as far as selecting your accessories for a wintry day outfit goes.

Formal Wear

There are not many fashion accessories that you can easily pair up with your formal wear, more so in the severe US winters. Wool scarves are a style staple that fits this equation to the T. They are among those accessories that you can easily pair up with your formal attire to add a stylish edge to it. Take a look at the Weavers Villa Women’s Wool Shawl in Beige or the Shingora Women’s Wool Shawl in White and Black. Don’t you think they are just perfect to amp up your formal winter look? In fact, ethnic wool scarves lend an elegant touch to your formal outfit, making you stand out rather than blend in. Check out the Noi Women’s Modal Shawl in Orange and you will know what we mean.

Pattern and Style

You just can’t deny the fact that one of the main draws of this piece of clothing is its availability in a variety of enchanting patterns. Adorned with remarkable woven designs, it makes for a one-of-its-kind style accessory with an irresistible appeal. The Anekaant Women’s Wool Shawl is a fine example of the same. Designed with floral patterns, this embroidered shawl can accentuate your winter look instantly.

Color Coordination

Ethnic wool scarves are an effective way to add a pop of color to your winter wear. Their distinct and colorful looks can be the perfect complement for your neutral-shade winter outfits. For instance, the HK Colours of Fashion Women’s Wool Shawl in Magenta can add a colorful yet classy touch to your get up. On the other hand, you can team up pastel color scarves with your colorful winter wear for a refreshing look. The Style Quotient Women’s Acrylic Shawl in Grey and Blue is a great choice for this purpose, isn’t it? So, whether you are getting ready for a party, a formal do, or a casual get together, you can depend on your ethnic wool scarves to pep up your look in an interesting way.

Different Ways to Drape

Fashion is all about staying one step ahead on the style map and the ethnic wool scarves provide you with ample scope for that. Thanks to their various common and uncommon methods of draping, you can flaunt them in different ways to create your own style statements. Apart from the simple drape style, in which you allow your scarf to hang over your coat or jacket, you can also opt for the muffler style, the necklace style, the French knot style, the double-sided twist style, the knotted necklace style, the scarf wrap style, the neck wrap style, the classic loop style, and many more. Depending on whether you select a simple scarf like the Anekaant Women’s Modal Shawl in Orange or a richly embroidered piece like the Shingora Women’s Wool Shawl in Fuchsia, you can even come up with a unique draping style of your own!

Great value for Money

You don’t have to spend a fortune to add an ethnic wool scarf to your winter ensemble list. This is one of the reasons that make them a hot favorite of everyone. You can easily give a makeover to your winter wardrobe by adding quite a few wool scarves in various hues and patterns. The best part is that ethnic wool scarves can go with almost anything in your wardrobe. Consider the Noi Women’s Wool Shawl in Burgundy as an example. It makes for a great match with both, your western wear and traditional outfits. That is why the ethnic wool scarves are such a great value for money!

There’s no doubt that ethnic wool scarves are a great fashion addition. These highbrow neck wears can be your go-to accessories on any day. No wonder the US fashion scene is witnessing the comeback of this much-adored style accessory in a big way.