Hat to Fabrics Top 5 Summer Fashion Hacks for Men

Summer is probably the worst weather for me, it ruins everything. From the hair to the dresses we wear. One thing that troubles me the most is the sweat. I mean, the sweat literally ruins everything, it gives out a pungent smell, excessive sweat leaves white lines on the shirts and all. Plus, it becomes very itchy and too sticky. During this time, we need to take care of everything, we need to let our bodies breathe and the best way to do that is by sporting comfortable items of clothing that don’t stick to our body. But we cannot ignore the fact that we need to follow fashion and keep ourselves trendy too. Generally, men sweat more than women and there are a lot of blogs complimenting women fashion and providing them with the fashion hacks depending on the weather. This one is all about the Fashion Hacks for Men would surely like to follow to feel a bit of chill in this hot weather.

The list below Contains 5 Summer Fashion Hacks for Men

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1. Wear a Hat

The hats are usually not supported by people, but when they wear it, the hat brings out a really impressive look. The hat even keeps our head cool because they really work fine in trapping all the heat. But there is an issue with it if hats are made of a material that does not allow the heat to pass through then it is just wastage of money. You will have to purchase hats made of a material that will allow the heat to properly pass and not just rest upon it.

2. The Fabrics you Should Choose

Whatever cloth you wear, you need to understand that it should be made of fabric that allows your skin to breathe, which allows the heat to pass from your body and keep your body cool. Another thing is that the fabric should be able to absorb sweat. You should choose for cotton, linen, and synthetic blends because they work really well during the summertime. They absorb sweat, they are lightweight, plus they keep our bodies cool.

3. The Trousers and Jeans Should be Lightweight

It is during this weather that you need to bid adieu to your favourite denim jeans because they are made of thick fabric that traps the heat around your legs, especially the crotch area. So, it is better that you go for lightweight trousers which lets the heat pass and gives you a feel of comfort. Also, don’t fall for those types of denim which suggest that they are made of lightweight fabric, this might be true, but they will not be as light and as effective as the cotton and linen trousers.

4. The Socks

Summer is not the time to wear the calf length socks, they will keep your feet warm and irritate you by trapping the sweat. That is the thing that you need to focus on, legs need to be kept cool too. So, during this summer, choose for the no-show socks or the ankle socks because they will keep your feet cool.

5. Don’t Forget to take a Cold Shower

This seems pretty obvious, in fact, most of us are following this one. Taking a cool shower before going out gives you a refreshing feel. You feel cool and the heat will not affect you as much as it might have affected you normally.

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