Mumbai to Pune via Kamshet Adventure History and Nature

To celebrate my big promotion, I promised a road trip to my friends. After long conversations and some research, we decided to visit Kamshet and Pune. We wanted to cover all three aspects- Adventure, nature and history in this road trip.

Since it was just the four of us, we decided to hire a taxi. We knew that it was important to hire a good taxi service to manage the trip perfectly. We did short research about the available taxi services. After all the reviews and experiences we read, we found a suitable vendor with consumer-friendly policies and excellent services. So, we booked a top-rated cab from Mumbai to Pune. Their representative contacted us, and after listening to our itinerary, he offered the best-suited package and a driver that suited us perfectly.

Overview and Daily Activities

Since the drive was just about 2 hours long, we had planned to start our journey early in the morning. Our taxi arrived right on time. We were pretty impressed with the neatness and condition of the vehicle. After a short discussion about our itinerary with the driver, we started our journey. We took Bengaluru – Mumbai Hwy towards Kamshet. From the chit chats of the first few minutes, we understood that our driver was well versed with the places in Kamshet and Pune. With low traffic and beautiful sceneries, the journey was quite pleasant.

With 2 hours and 20 minutes, we reached Kamshet. Our first destination was Bedsa Caves. Filled with exquisite carvings, they remind us how skilful our ancestors were. Our driver explained that these caves were dated back to BC 60. We left the place after an hour.

Our next destination was Shinde Wadi Hills. It is a paragliding take-off point with 100-200 ft height, well suited for the beginners. We contacted a certified paragliding school and bought tickets to paragliding. It is important to ensure that you are using the equipment of a certified school. We listened carefully to the instructor and went on a short training session that lasted around 2 hours. After all the safety checks and wind checks, we all launched into the air with a pilot on our back. We all had an experience of our lifetime. While we were on the air, we knew what it really meant by serenity. We landed safely on the ground, and all of us were very glad that we did this. After sitting there for a while sharing our experiences, we left to Pune. Our activities in Kamshet were over.

After a one-hour drive, we reached Pune city by 7 in the evening. We had booked our hotel near Pimpri. We rested the night. After a good night’s sleep, we woke up feeling well rested the next morning. After a light breakfast, we started our second day of the trip. Our first stop was Aga Khan Palace. It was a journey back to the Indian freedom fighting days. The museum in the palace exhibits a large collection of photos from that era. After that, we went a little more back to the time, Shaniwar Wada. It is a grand mansion built in 625 Acres by the Peshwa Bajirao I himself. This palace presents a combination of rich Indian history and craftsmanship.

Next was Khadakwasala Dam. The place had an excellent viewpoint over the dam. We stayed there for an hour and then went to Bund Garden. It was a well maintained, neat place with natural flora and verdant greenery. We rested there for a while. There was a lot of eateries around the park. A local person explained that it was the best place for quality food at nominal rates. We spent the evening there.

At night we went for a light shopping in the street market after dinner. We finished our unforgettable trip and headed back to Mumbai at around 10 pm. Around 1.00 am, we reached our homes. The taxi we hired was perfect for us in every way. The driver was very friendly and resourceful throughout the journey.

How to reach Pune from Mumbai?

We hired a cab service from Mumbai. There are plenty of providers available. The service provider we chose also provides courteous chauffers with experience of long road trips. Various bus services are also available between the cities.

If you are not into road trips, you can take a flight or board a train from Mumbai to Pune and then hire a car in Pune with an experienced driver using a reliable provider.

Distance and Time Taken

The journey from Mumbai to Kamshet is 105 km long. The roads are in excellent condition and it will take less than 2 hours to cover the distance. Pune is another 48 km away from Kamshet. This distance can be covered within just 1 hour.