Ways to have a more Comfortable Cervical Screening

Wondering what this test is about? The smear test is a primary check to know how healthy your cervix is. The fact that it’s also called a smear test makes it unattractive. However, this test is life-saving. So, does cervical screening hurt? Would I be embarrassed? These are possible questions ringing in your head.

Here’s how to have a very comfortable cervical screening:

Fix your screening using your period as a yardstick – If you’re bleeding, a smear test should not take place as the result can be impacted. So, it’s best to arrange for it midway through your period or after the period. You might experience slight pain during the test, but it doesn’t last.

Put on comfortable clothes – At the test, your doctor expects you to be comfortable and relaxed. So you should do just that. Wear a skirt rather than trousers as it can be easily lifted and doesn’t expose all your body from the waist down.

Request that a woman does the screening – If you are less anxious with a female nurse performing your screening, go ahead and tell your doctor. You may not always get a female nurse, but most GP services ensure you do.

Request for a small-sized speculum – The doctor or nurse will use a speculum – a clear plastic instrument to part and hold open your vagina. The speculum should not be warmed up at all. Most patients can tolerate a speculum; however, if the speculum used on you is painful, you can opt for a smaller size.

Insert the speculum by yourself – To be more comfortable during the screening, you may try putting in the speculum. Since you want to do it on your own, there may be a need to change your lying position just a little bit.

As a matter of fact, there are speculations that a self-sampling test may be underway where a swab will be inserted into the vagina.
This might actually be the future of certain screening for women, and you should try to adapt.

Request a change in position – Not comfortable during a private smear test? Inform your nurse or doctor. A lot of women lie on their back with knees bent for cervical screening. But it can also be done lying sideways.

Relax by breathing slowly with hands by your side, and imagine placing your bottom on the couch.

Your doctor may ask you to cough or place your hands under your bottom as a way of getting the speculum in without fuss.

Avoid using lubricants – Some women may feel anxious about having an object in their vagina and may want to get ready by using lubricants. However, a day to your test, you shouldn’t use spermicide or plenty of lubricants as it may disturb the test.

If it happens that you are not comfortable, the doctor or nurse can apply very little quantity of lubricant on the speculum before insertion.

Take pain relief medications if needed – In general, pain relief medications are not required for a cervical screening test; however, should you be having concerns and feel you may be alright with some painkillers, take some ibuprofen or paracetamol before the test. It is safe to use a painkiller for the procedure if necessary.

Don’t go beyond using painkillers – If you drink alcohol, don’t take it before your screening; do it afterwards.

Your doctor expects you to be very comfortable as much as possible while getting a smear test near me. This can be achieved by going to the appointment with a friend, rewarding yourself or getting a treat after the test – just something that will put you in a good mood for the test. Going in for the test high on alcohol won’t allow you to have true consent to have the test.

In a case like this, your doctor will probably not let you get screened.

You don’t find it easy undressing in front of others – This problem is common. You are not alone if you worry about pubic hair, leg hair, how you smell down there, and not getting waxed. What you should know is that your doctor doesn’t care about all these things. They have seen thousands of genitals and are not judgmental in any way.

Your doctor is not embarrassed about your nakedness and hopes you draw some confidence from theirs.

Request for more time if necessary – It can be difficult going in for a smear test London if you’ve been sexually assaulted in the past. Your doctor will understand if you inform them. They can schedule you for a double appointment to allow you more time. You may probably want to go for the appointment with a friend.