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For most people taking the PTE-A exam, time management is a challenge. It is a real struggle to find out time due to academic or professional commitments. Yes, there are coaching institutes, but most don’t find time to attend and get enough practice.

Another challenge when preparing for PTE Academic test is finding authentic practice questions & tests. Also, dubious PTE-A resources on internet waste test-takers’ time and resources.

The PTE Tutorials Mobile App is a powerful solution to these challenges. The PTE application provides plenty of high-quality practice tests, materials for Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing Modules. You can also get test evaluation. You get a comprehensive, flexible system for PTE self-study on your mobile screens.

Whenever you get free time, no matter wherever you are, you can use the app to practice for PTE-A.

For instance, during the commute to work, or a short break during the day. PTE preparation is now at your fingertips! Imagine the power you will get with the app, to prepare anytime you want.

So, what do you exactly get with the PTE Tutorials Mobile App? You get access to a variety of practice questions for all the 20 tasks. By practising with the app, which has a test interface like the actual PTE-A test, you will get familiar to it. For the Speaking Module, you can use the app to record your responses and review them later to improve.

Also, there are in-app audio clips for fair practice for the Listening Module. You can also watch valuable videos with PTE tips, tricks and strategies. From the blog section, you can read more expert advice for your PTE preparation.

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The app doesn’t only offer you resources for self-preparation; it also makes expert help more accessible. At any stage of your preparation, you may avail the Scored & Unscored Practice Tests. You can get your practice tests performance evaluated. The evaluation assesses strengths and weaknesses of your preparation from Score Card Analysis. You can accordingly improve with expert feedback and suggestions.

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From the app, you also get free e-books on PTE, Professional Year Program, Australia immigration, etc.

The add-on facilities available on the app are equally exciting. You can compare and buy the best health insurance policy from the app for your stay in Australia. You can even create an Australian bank account from overseas (ANZ Bank & Commonwealth Bank).

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With the app, you can practice for PTE-A anytime, anywhere, without being restricted by time and space constraints. You can effortlessly match the high benchmarks of PTE-A by regularly practising with Pearson-standard materials.

Having access to a laptop or a desktop computer is no longer a necessity for PTE practice. So, you can utilise your time most efficiently!

As a bonus, when you download the app from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store, you get 10 PTE-A mock tests free!

Check out the app & be prepared to get surprised by the enormous value the app can add to your PTE preparation.