Cosmetic procedure Mesotherapy for tighten and plump the Skin

Mesotherapy is cosmetic procedure involving the use of jabs. Generally it makes use of plant extracts, hormones, enzymes, vitamins for tighten and plump the skin. It is useful for the removal of excessive fat. Michel Pistor a France-based doctor first invented the technique back in 1952. Initially, it is helpful for relieving pain. Soon after, it earns popularity and acceptability throughout the world.

Now, mesotherapy helps in

1. Treating Alopecia

2. Removing Fat in certain areas like Face, Arms, Legs, Hips, Buttocks and thighs and Belly

3. Reducing Cellulite

4. Fading away fine Lines and Wrinkles

5. Tightening loose Skin

6. Recontouring the Body

7. Lightening pigmented Skin

The process makes use of fine needles to inject in a series in mesoderm (middle layer) of the skin. It corrects underlying conditions like inflammation and poor circulation resulted in skin damage.

No standard formula is there regarding the substance to inject in Mesotherapy. Doctor uses various solutions like:

1. Vitamins and Minerals

2. Herbal Extracts

3. Enzymes such as Hyaluronidase and Collagenase

4. Hormones like Thyroxin and Calcitonin

5. Prescription medicines such as Antibiotics and Vasodilators

How much Mesotherapy will Cost?

Mesotherapy cost depends on treatment type and sessions number you need for the desirable result. Generally, Mesotherapy for hair loss in Turkey costs you can ask from our team of consultants because it varies case to case so we suggest to go for a free assessment of your treatment procedure. As it is a cosmetic procedure which doesn’t need medically you will not receive any insurance plan to cover its cost.

How to Prepare?

Meet the doctor beforehand to know what you should expect from the process. You have to stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin (Bufferin) a week before Mesotherapy. These will heighten the risk of bruising and bleeding at the time of procedure.

What involves the Appointment?

Every session of hair Mesotherapy in Turkey may or may not involve application of numbing medicine. You will receive a set of jabs with the help of short special needle.

Sometimes, it is attached to mechanical gun for giving the shots in row. Even the depth of the injection varies from 1-4 millimetres on the basis of your condition to treat. Every injection will leave a small drop of solution into skin.

To obtain the desirable effect you need multiple Mesotherapy sessions. You have to visit the doctor approximately 3-15 times. Initially, you will receive the shot once in every 7-10 days. Once you start noticing the difference, it will stretch to once in every 2 weeks or once in a month.

How much the process is efficient?

It is really tough to firmly say that mesotherapy delivers as it experiments on the methods and ingredients consistently. Although some extensive studies have been carried out yet they are small to conclude the results.

As per study of 2012, it merely showed any improvement for treating the wrinkles after being tested on 6 people for 6 months. In fact, the study of 2008 delivered no result in reducing the size of thigh in 20 women undergoing Mesotherapy.

Does it have any risks and side effects?

The trick is to visit the trained practitioner for Mesotherapy to avoid the risks.

Some of the reported side effects are:

Scars, Infection, Rash, Dark patches on skin, Bumps at the site of injection, Bruising, Redness, Itching, Swelling, Sensitivity, Pain and Nausea.

What is recovery like?

No downtime is actually there is as the process is completely non-invasive. Most patients can get back to track of their daily life. Some may need a day break because of pain and swelling at the sites of injection.

Is Mesotherapy suitable to use for hair fall?

Mesotherapy is in great use for removal of unwanted fat and wrinkles. However, it is effective for correcting hair fall due to alopecia. The treatment involves injecting medicinal plant extracts such as minoxidil, finasteride and vitamins into head.

A survey on the patients claimed that Mesotherapy for hair fall:

1. Promotes blood circulation

2. Provides essential nutrients to hair

3. Fixes hormonal imbalances around and in hair follicle

But alike it’s other usages, there is only a few evidences remarking it as effective for hair fall. Injectable substances contradict the matter of hair regrowth except for minoxidil and finasteride.


Mesotherapy is highly preferable for body contouring despite of unproven efficiency and safety. Many studies are looking forward to Mesotherapy to deal with pain not for any cosmetic procedure. While FDA hasn’t approved the use of Mesotherapy yet the substances have the approval of use. So, this considers as off-label use.

Interesting part is each doctor uses different process and formula for Mesotherapy as it lacks from the standard one. The best suggestion is to get it from a licensed expert from Turkey Hair Transplants Clinic with high experience for minimising side effects.